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ARRIFLEX D-20 Shoots Frito-Lay “This is History” Super Bowl Spot

Shot by Pete Biagi using two ARRIFLEX D-20s from Fletcher Chicago, the production took advantage of the fast digital workflow to deliver the Super Bowl commercial in four days. Chicago-based agency Element79 was challenged with the task to bring the inspirational commercial that acknowledged the groundbreaking game between two African American head coaches, Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith.

To view frame grabs from the production, click here: http://www.fletch.com/arrid20sb.html

“This is History,” directed by Scott Smith was shot for client Frito-Lay and was also Element79’s first time shooting with HD cameras. By using the ARRIFLEX D-20, the digital footage was brought directly into the edit bay, saving a lot of time that the production had little to spare.