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ARRI Presents Digital Dailies Base Package for the ARRISCAN

ARRI is proud to showcase a new option for the ARRISCAN, the Digital Dailies Base Package. In support of a data centric and tapeless workflow, the ARRISCAN team has developed new features to streamline the digital dailies process.

The new Live View option provides the ARRISCAN operator with a monochromatic real-time film image while winding. In combination with a jog/shuttle control, this allow s the ability to position the film quickly and accurately from the scanner’s remote controlled PC.

With the Base Package, the speed of the ARRISCAN increases:

  * 1.5 fps for 6K double exposure oversampled to 4K and 6K oversampled to 2K
* 5 fps for 3K double exposure oversampled to 2K

Both speed increases are specified for the unique ARRISCAN double exposure acquisition mode, where for each color the LEDs flash the film once for a low and once for a high density pass. These two passes are then combined into an image that captures the full dynamic range of film with an unmatched signal-to-noise ratio.

ARRI continues to offer a broad range of options to give the end user a more complete scanning toolkit. To this end, the ARRISCAN also operates in single exposure mode. By omitting the second LED flash, the speed increases to over 8 fps for 3K images oversampled to 2K resolution. Single exposure images do not compromise the dynamic range but differ from double exposure images in their signal-to-noise ratio.

The ARRISCAN provides Complete Reel Mode for automatically scanning entire reels. This mode is enhanced by automatic frame line detection to identify and correct splicing errors. In addition, the positions of camera flashes are also detected so that the material can quickly be separated into takes after scanning.

Features of the ARRISCAN Digital Dailies Base Package:

  * 1.5 fps @ 4K and 6K oversampled to 2K, pin registered
* 5 fps @ 2K (2048 × 1556), pin registered
* 8 fps @ 2K (2048 × 1556), pin registered
* Live b/w preview during winding (up to 2m/sec)
* Frame line detection
* Flash detection
* Scan reel mode

Launched in 2004, the ARRISCAN is now deployed at more than 50 facilities worldwide such as: Weta Digital, New Zealand; EFILM Hollywood, Co3 Santa Monica, Co3 New York and Pixel Farm Minneapolis, USA; Imagefilm, Spain; Mikros Image, France; MosFilm, Russia; HIT, Korea; Tokyo Lab, Japan; Shortcut, Sweden and Drylab, Norway.