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Panasonic Introduces New Full High Definition, Three-Chip DLP Projectors

LAS VEGAS, ShoWest, Panasonic Projector Systems Company, Unit of Panasonic Corporation of North America, today announced the debut of two three-chip, DLP projectors for large venues: the PT-D10000U (1400 × 1050 pixel) and PT-DW10000U (1920 × 1080 pixel) models. Designed for large venues in the commercial digital cinema, rental and staging, and higher education markets, the new full HD projectors provide bright, professional- quality images, automatic filter cleaning systems, and improved reliability features.

Both DLP projectors deliver 10,000 lumens of brightness through Panasonic’s four-lamp system, and the nimble PT-D10000U is now among the world’s smallest DLP projectors with at least 10,000 lumens. (1) It’s also the only 10,000-lumen projector capable of operating from a standard 120-VAC outlet, increasing its energy efficiency compared to other models. (2) Panasonic’s three-chip DLP technology helps provide excellent resistance to image deterioration over time to ensure reliable, high-quality operation. Each model comes equipped with the Auto Cleaning Robot, an automatic filter cleaning system that enables about 2,000 hours of use without filter maintenance.

"Large venue, fixed installations require reliable, efficient projectors to meet the demands of hundreds and hundreds of hours of sustained use," said Thomas Zitelli, president of Panasonic Projector Systems Company. "The new PT-D10000U and PT-DW10000U full HD projectors are powerful projector solutions for customers that require professional-quality viewing at a reasonable price."

The new models feature Panasonic’s Dynamic Iris that helps produce the projectors’ 5,000:1 contrast ratio and reveal more detail in both dark and bright images. Both models include 10-bit video processing for smoother tonal expression. A 3D Color Management feature helps optimize color saturation, hue and brightness levels for approximately 1,070,000,000 colors. The progressive cinema scan also helps ensure accurate image reproduction by automatically detecting a film-based input signal and selecting the optimal progressive processing method.

The PT-D10000U and PT-DW10000U models also include several key performance and reliability features. A new liquid-cooling system directly cools the DLP chips and allows both models to be used in temperatures up to 45°C (113°F), enabling their use in a wider variety of environments. The new cooling system design also allowed Panasonic engineers to make the PT-D10000U about 30 percent smaller than the previous PT-D9510/PT-D9610 models.  A new micro-cut filter traps dust particles 10 microns or larger, safeguarding against optical blocks and capturing about seven times as much dust as previous models’ filters.

With built-in multi-screen support systems, the PT-D10000U and PT-DW10000U models can project large, multi-screen images without any additional equipment. The edges of adjacent screens can be blended to create a smooth, seamless image using up to 100 sources (10 ft. x 10 ft.).  Both models support wired LAN connection (PJLink™ compatible), which allows remote control, monitoring, and e-mail alert messaging functions through a standard Web browser. Temperature alarm and burnt-lamp LEDs are also included on each projector, letting operators know exactly where to address maintenance issues.