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Avril Lavigne and Brendan Fraser make list of most powerful Canucks in Hollywood

TORONTO, Aug. 15 /CNW/ – For the second year in a row, Canadian Business magazine reveals its annual Celebrity Power List, a ranking of Canadian entertainers who demonstrate serious clout in La-La land. Movement on the list-always a healthy sign-indicates Canada continues to produce serious talent. There are even two fresh faces: Avril Lavigne (No. 7) and Brendan Fraser (No. 10).

Other players on the list include Jim Carrey (No. 1), Pamela Anderson (No. 2 after slipping from the top spot on the list in 2005) and Mike Myers (No. 6). A few didn’t make the list, but came close enough to be considered junior power players. Among them is Ryan Gosling, who scored a major hit with real-life sweetie and list member Rachel McAdams (No. 8) in 2004’s The Notebook; Kevin Zegers, who starred alongside Felicity Huffman in 2005’s Transamerica; and Shawn Ashmore, who played Iceman in the X-Men trilogy.