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Bell launches next generation High Definition TV receiver

Bell Canada announced the launch of its most advanced High Definition TV satellite receiver with an integrated Personal Video Recorder. Available nationally, the 9242 HD PVR Plus is capable of recording up to 30 hours of HD content and 200 hours of standard definition programming, the most of any HD provider in Canada.

"Bell’s new HDTV receiver and its amazing feature set simply deliver the most advanced digital TV viewing experience," said Kevin Crull, President, Bell Residential Services. "With picture quality 10 times better than regular cable, the most HD channels available, and the best HD PVR, only Bell offers Canadians the Full HD experience."

The 9242 HD PVR Plus features the unique ability to view and record independent programming on two televisions in two different rooms of your home, all from one receiver. The receiver also enables viewers to pause a live show on one television and resume watching on a separate TV.

The new receiver also features name-based recording in addition to broadcast dates and times. Customers can track and record their favourite shows, even if the TV program moves to another time slot or the program length is extended. The 9242 HD PVR delivers accurate recording every time.

The device is available across Canada for a purchase price of $599 or on rental basis for $20 per month. Other features of the 9242 HD PVR include:

– Multiple viewing options, including Single Mode that lets viewer watch and record two live programs or record two programs while watching a third, and leverage split screen functionality with picture-in-picture

– Ability to pause live TV, fast forward and fast reverse at four speeds, skip forward or back, plus view in slow motion

– Exclusive 30-second commercial skip forward button, plus a 10-second skip back button

– A user-friendly enhanced electronic programming guide that enables viewers to scan for their favourite shows up to nine days in advance, record an entire series with the touch of a button, view three hours and up to nine channels of programming per screen

– Ability to display Caller ID on-screen

– Front-panel Info Button for instant access to program information

USB 2.0 and Ethernet connectivity

<font size=1>Source: CNW Group</font>