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CTF acknowledges support from Canadian Heritage and CRTC

TORONTO, Feb. 13 /CNW/ – The Canadian Television Fund is pleased to acknowledge the important statements made today by Minister of Canadian Heritage Bev Oda and CRTC Chairman Konrad von Finckenstein.

Appearing before the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, Minister Oda called on Shaw Communications and Videotron to resume their monthly payments to the CTF in order to restore stability to the industry. "The CTF would like to thank and acknowledge Minister Oda once again for her strong support to Canadian television production," expressed Douglas Barrett, CTF Board Chair.

Minister Oda’s remarks were echoed by CRTC Chairman von Finckenstein’s statement, adding that the Commission would take action to ensure that monthly payments are resumed by Shaw Communications and Videotron.
"In order to minimize disruptions to the 2007-2008 production and broadcast cycles, it is critical that the CTF be able to announce funding allocations to the industry by the end of February as it had committed to," said Valerie Creighton, CTF President.

Accordingly, the CTF, through its legal counsel, has written to the CRTC to ask that the Commission urgently make a determination about how to most effectively enforce the obligations of Shaw Communications and Videotron to make contributions to the CTF and then to take necessary steps as it deems appropriate.

As clearly stated in its presentation to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, the CTF remains committed to working with the Department of Canadian Heritage, the CRTC and its stakeholders to work through the current challenges.

Over the past ten years, the CTF has contributed 2.22 billion dollars to support 4,470 productions. This has resulted in more than 23,000 hours of great television for Canadians and has triggered more than 7.4 billion dollars in production volume across the country.