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CFC Alumni film "Everything’s Gone Green," to open in theatres nationwide

(Toronto) Everything’s gone green is the first story that renowned author Douglas Coupland (Generation X, JPod) wrote specifically for the screen. Directed by Paul Fox (CFC Feature Film Project ’04), produced by Elizabeth Yake (CFC Feature Film Project ’05) and edited by Gareth Scales (CFC Film Program – Editors’ Lab ’03), EVERYTHING’S GONE GREEN is about a slacker tempted into a money-laundering scheme who struggles with his ill-gotten gains while trying to find happiness. Paulo Costanzo (ROAD TRIP, 40 DAYS AND 40 NIGHTS) heads up the cast.

EVERYTHING’S GONE GREEN opens in Toronto Friday, April 27th. Look for it to open in more Canadian cities starting in May.

Winner of the Vancouver International Film Festival’s “CityTV Western Canada Feature Film Award,” and of the Edmonton International Film Festival’s “City TV Canadian Feature Film Award,” the film is produced by Radke Films and True West Films, and is partly financed by Telefilm Canada and the Harold Greenberg FundPaulo Costanzo (40 DAYS AND 40 NIGHTS, ROAD TRIP, JOEY) stars as Ryan, a twentysomething uberslacker who is nonetheless willing to fall into accidental success. After losing his job the same day he is dumped by his yuppie girlfriend, Ryan gets a dispiriting job with a tacky lottery magazine, photographing winners and writing their stories.

“EVERYTHING’S GONE GREEN” comically illustrates how hard it is to know what’s real in a world filled with fabrication and hidden agendas. This film marks the first screenplay written by the acclaimed author Douglas Coupland ("Generation X").

CFC launches new brand and announces NBC Universal Multiplatform

TORONTO, Nov. 8 /CNW/ – The Canadian Film Centre proudly presented its new "CFC" brand identity today, at a press conference held on the grounds of the Windfields Estate (www.cfccreates.com/launch). The brand launch marks a significant turning point for the organization as it expands into its next stage of growth, and embarks on a progressive strategic plan to enhance and diversify its offerings. As part of the presentation the CFC also announced the creation of the new NBC Universal Multiplatform Program; an advanced training program that will aim to seed the growth of original multiplatform productions in Canada.

The launch is the culmination of an extensive two-year strategic project undertaken by the Canadian Film Centre, in association with: Chemistry Corporation to develop the brand strategy, and TAXI to build the brand identity. Barry Patterson, the CFC’s Director, Marketing and Communications observed, "The new identity is contemporary, inventive and engaging. The CFC has kept pace with change and had all the ingredients to tell a good story, but our identity needed to have more clarity to position us for future growth."

The first swiveled "C" in the new logo is meant to represent the CFC’s reciprocal open doors; both for new residents to enter, and for alumni and industry to return and collaborate on the next generation of ground-breaking entertainment. According to Slawko Klymkiw, Executive Director, Canadian Film Centre, "The new CFC identity embodies the evolution of the CFC as a contemporary institution, and better reflects the organization that we are today: Canada’s largest advanced-training institution for film, TV and new media, professionals. As we embark on our new strategic plan, the new brand also signifies the CFC’s progression into the future." In addition, the identity concept will be used as a canvas to showcase the CFC’s alumni-produced work. All corporate collateral will feature project photographs from each of the CFC sub-brands: CFC Film, CFC TV, CFC Media Lab(Formerly Canadian Film Centre’s Habitat New Media Lab), and will be used as a background. Each canvas will display a special url that directs people to the project’s page, on a newly created CFC website: www.cfccreates.com.

The CFC’s fresh brand identity is rolling out as the organization embarks on an ambitious strategic plan that includes launching the new NBC Universal Multiplatform Program. Developed by the CFC Media Lab, the program’s aim is to grow and innovate Canada’s audio visual industry and culture. "NBC Universal commends the CFC for its foresight and commitment to nurturing the evolution of entertainment. As a leader in the industry, we look forward to collaborating with Canada’s future innovators", said Ron Suter, Senior Vice President NBC Universal Canada. Commencing in 2007, the NBC Universal Multiplatform Program will provide investment, creative strategy, production support, mentorship, and knowledge sharing to companies who are interested in developing and implementing a multiplatform strategy from the outset of project development.

The NBC Universal Multiplatform Program is just the first of several other initiatives in the works at the CFC, including: international co-production and script development, an actor’s conservatory, an enhanced feature film program and interactive cinema. The organization is also seeking out new opportunities nationally and internationally to actively promote and invest in film, television and new media work, and will carry on with current activities that support and foster Canada’s talent.