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CTF 2007 Stakeholders Report

BANFF, AB, The Canadian Television Fund (CTF) released its second report to stakeholders this morning at a public meeting at the Banff World Television Festival. The Stakeholders Report 2007 provides the latest information from the CTF, including a comprehensive summary of activities and funding results for 2006-07. It was presented by Mr. Douglas Barrett, Board Chair, Mr. Bruce Ryan, Chair, Finance and Audit Committee, Mr. Michel Carter, Independent Board member, Ms. Valerie Creighton, CTF President, and Mr. Stéphane Cardin, Vice President, Strategic Policy Planning and Stakeholder Relations.

"The CTF is dedicated to ensure maximum transparency and clarity to all our stakeholders," said Douglas Barrett, CTF Board Chair. "We have expanded the breadth of our reporting and welcome the opportunity to provide the industry with meaningful and detailed information."

Highlights of the Stakeholders Report 2007 include the following:

-  CTF revenues for 2006-07 totalled $273.5 million;
-  95.5% of funds supported CTF programs;
-  4.5% of funds went to the combined administration the CTF and the Business Unit at Telefilm;

-  370 development projects were funded, with total development budgets of more than $20 million;
-  509 production projects were funded, with total production budgets equalling $880 million;
-  Total CTF-funded programs included:
- 57 English-language dramas and 32 French-language dramas;
- 41 English-language and 26 French-language Children and Youth programs;
- 165 English-language documentaries and 119 French-language documentaries; and
- 18 English-language and 37 French-language Variety and Performing Arts programs
-  2,297 hours of new Canadian programming were generated by CTF-funded programs.

In addition, the CTF outlined priorities for 2007-08. "In the past year, the CTF invested considerable effort in stakeholder consultation to encourage more dialogue about program priorities," said CTF President, Valerie Creighton. "The CTF is committed to refining our Broadcaster Performance Envelope (BPE) allocation process, including a discussion of factor weights and the approach to measuring audience success. We will also continue with important policy work including the second phase of our Guidelines review, an examination of our Special Initiatives and a discussion on the funding of content intended for new platforms."

Maintaining Best Governance Practices At a meeting held earlier today, the CTF Board of Directors considered proposed by-law amendments intended to formalize the current administrative practices of the CTF. Amendments relating to governance and internal financial controls are part of the Board’s ongoing efforts to strengthen the governance practices of the CTF.

Given the current CRTC Task Force on the CTF and a concern raised about the timing of the by-law consideration, the Board deferred formal approval of the amendments pending the completion of the CRTC review process.
"We will continue to use practices such as the double majority for all major Board decisions to ensure independent oversight of our work," said Mr. Barrett.

Four New Members Elected to CTF Board Four new members were elected to the 2007-08 Board: Mr. Dale Taylor
(Independent member), nominated by the Department of Canadian Heritage, Mr. Dean MacDonald (Independent member) and Ms. Alison Clayton, both nominated by the CCTA, and Mr. Serge Bellerose, nominated by the CAB. In addition, 13 standing members were renewed to its 20-member Board.

Mr. Douglas Barrett, CTF Board Chair, was re-elected for another term of one year. The Chair of the CTF Board sits as an Independent member.
"The CTF Board brings together considerable industry expertise," said Mr. Barrett. "It’s one of the few national forums that represent such a wide range of sectors. I would also like to thank outgoing Board members Mr. Jean-Pierre Blais and Ms. Lori Assheton-Smith for their dedication, acumen and expertise brought to the CTF Board. Their contribution, especially through their efforts on the Independent Committee, has strengthened CTF governance and decision making," notes Mr. Barrett. "I welcome and look forward to working with the new Board members. Their expertise and proven track record will be true assets as we continue to evolve and improve our support to the Canadian television production community."

The CTF Board comprises senior representatives from Broadcast Distribution Undertakings (BDUs), Canada’s cable and direct-to-home providers, CBC/SRC, the Department of Canadian Heritage, broadcasters and producers. Each member is responsible for appointing members to Board. Five members must be independent.

The 2007-08 Board includes:
* Independent member

Douglas Barrett* (Chair of the Board)

Executive Chairman

PS Production Services Ltd.

Canadian Heritage nominates five independent members

Dale Taylor President and CEO Graystones Media Group

Bruce Ryan, CA, CFA Vice-President, Finance & CFO Ember Resources Inc.

Gail Scott Board Member, Criminal Injuries Compensation Board Anne-Marie Jean Executive Director for Culture Montreal

Vacant The Canadian Cable Telecommunications Association (CCTA) nominates a total of three members, including one independent member:

Dean MacDonald President and CEO Persona Communications Corp.

Robin Mirsky Executive Director Rogers Communications Inc.

Alison Clayton Independent Consultant

The Canadian Film and Television Production Association (CFTPA) nominates two members:

Scott Garvie Senior Vice-President, Business and Legal Affairs Shaftesbury Films Inc.

Paul Pope Senior Producer Pope Productions

The Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB) nominates four members:

Judith Brosseau Senior Vice-President, Programming and Communications (Canal D, Historia, Séries+) Astral Media Inc.

Corrie Coe Director, Programming Administration CTV Television Inc.

Andrew Eddy Vice-President, Program Strategy and Investment Corus Specialty Television

Serge Bellerose Vice President, New Media and Business Affairs TQS Inc. and COGECO Radio-television Inc.

The Association des producteurs de films et de télévision du Québec
(APFTQ) nominates one member:

Claire Samson President and CEO l’Association des producteurs de films et de télévision du Québec (APFTQ)

The Association for Tele-Education of Canada (ATEC) nominates one member:

Michèle Fortin President and CEO Télé-Québec

The CBC-SRC nominates one member:

Marcela Kadanka Senior Director, TV Arts & Entertainment CBC Television

The Canadian Association of Film Distributors and Exporters (CAFDE) nominates one member:

Michel J. Carter, C.A., MBA, ADM.A Former President and Chief Executive Officer of TQS Inc. and COGECO Radio-télévision Inc

Shaw, CTF re – ignite bitter spat

TORONTO (CP) _ Shaw Communications Inc. (TSX:SJR) has re-ignited a bitter dispute with the Canadian Television Fund.

The cable giant is accusing fund executives of trying to tighten their grip on hundreds of millions in consumer and taxpayer dollars that are used to fund domestic TV shows.

Shaw’s CEO vowed to push for "radical change" to the fund in a letter written to CTF chairman Doug Barrett, obtained by the Globe and Mail.

Jim Shaw argued the CTF is misspending the money it gets from the government and industry.

Three months ago, Canada’s broadcast regulator ordered a review of the $265-million fund to quell a revolt by cable and satellite TV carriers who are its major contributors.

Shaw, along with Quebecor Inc.’s cable subsidiary Videotron Ltee allege the fund is using its June 12 annual meeting to rewrite bylaws to ensure cable and satellite carriers have little say in key decisions.

"What you are doing with the (annual meeting) demonstrates that the CTF does not consider itself accountable to the outside world," Shaw said in the tersely worded letter.

CTF $242 m Performance Envelopes

TORONTO, The Canadian Television Fund (CTF) announced its Broadcaster Performance Envelopes (BPEs)allocations for fiscal 2007-2008. Via BPEs, more than $242 million will be injected into the Canadian television industry over the next 12 months to support programming including Drama, Children’s and Youth, Variety & Performing Arts and Documentaries, in English and French languages. 

The CTF allocates production funding to eligible Canadian productions through its Broadcaster Performance Envelopes (BPEs) and its Special Initiatives Streams. Of the CTF’s total program budget of $265 million, English-language envelopes total $167.7 million, and $74.5 million has been allocated to French-language envelopes. The remaining funds will be allocated to Development financing and through Special Initiatives for Aboriginal Production, French Language Production Outside Quebec, Quebec Regional Production and Versioning.

Individual broadcaster BPE allocations will be posted by April 16 on the CTF website at www.canadiantelevisionfund.ca/broadcasters. 

"Stable and predictable funding is critical to Canada’s televisionn industry. The CTF is pleased to maintain its financial commitment to support the development and production of high-quality, distinctively Canadian programming throughout the country," says Valerie Creighton, CTF President.

Shaw Resumes CTF Monthly Payments

OTTAWA, – Jim Shaw, Chief Executive Officer of Shaw Communications Inc. appeared before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage today to announce that Shaw will resume monthly payments to the CTF as outlined in Circular No. 426.

The Canadian Film and Television Production Association (CFTPA) is extremely pleased that its efforts and strong leadership in defense of the economic and cultural importance of quality Canadian programming has generated results.
"The CFTPA has been very disappointed with the behavior of Shaw and Vidéotron over the last several weeks, so today’s news that Shaw will abide by the rules and resume its monthly payment to the fund is incredibly important news," said Guy Mayson, President and CEO, CFTPA, "Given the fact that Mr. Shaw maintains that he didn’t break any rules, it is extremely important that the commission move quickly to amend its regulations to codify the traditional monthly payments to the CTF.

These amendments would go a long way to reverse the uncertainty in the production sector and would help correct the financial limbo caused by Shaw and Vidéotron."
"On behalf of the Board of Directors of the CFTPA, I want to congratulate our Broadcast Relations Committee and our Staff for their strong leadership in putting pressure on Shaw and Vidéotron to maintain timely payments to the Fund. We have been, and will continue to be, the lead industry voice and champion of quality Canadian content. The CTF is critical to the success of our industry and to the cultural objectives of the Broadcasting Act," added Ira Levy, Chair of the Board of Directors, CFTPA.

A copy of the CFTPA Open Letter to the Canadian Television Industry regarding the Future of the Canadian Television Fund can be found here.


CTF acknowledges support from Canadian Heritage and CRTC

TORONTO, Feb. 13 /CNW/ – The Canadian Television Fund is pleased to acknowledge the important statements made today by Minister of Canadian Heritage Bev Oda and CRTC Chairman Konrad von Finckenstein.

Appearing before the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, Minister Oda called on Shaw Communications and Videotron to resume their monthly payments to the CTF in order to restore stability to the industry. "The CTF would like to thank and acknowledge Minister Oda once again for her strong support to Canadian television production," expressed Douglas Barrett, CTF Board Chair.

Minister Oda’s remarks were echoed by CRTC Chairman von Finckenstein’s statement, adding that the Commission would take action to ensure that monthly payments are resumed by Shaw Communications and Videotron.
"In order to minimize disruptions to the 2007-2008 production and broadcast cycles, it is critical that the CTF be able to announce funding allocations to the industry by the end of February as it had committed to," said Valerie Creighton, CTF President.

Accordingly, the CTF, through its legal counsel, has written to the CRTC to ask that the Commission urgently make a determination about how to most effectively enforce the obligations of Shaw Communications and Videotron to make contributions to the CTF and then to take necessary steps as it deems appropriate.

As clearly stated in its presentation to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, the CTF remains committed to working with the Department of Canadian Heritage, the CRTC and its stakeholders to work through the current challenges.

Over the past ten years, the CTF has contributed 2.22 billion dollars to support 4,470 productions. This has resulted in more than 23,000 hours of great television for Canadians and has triggered more than 7.4 billion dollars in production volume across the country.

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