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Queen Street West and TIFF: Hollywood North featuring Valentino and Jeanne Beker

Toronto, ON – The red carpet meets the runway when the stars of film and fashion align during the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival. CTV announced today the second in a series of exclusive red carpet events to be held at its Festival Headquarters at 299 Queen Street West. “FashionTelevision Celebrates Valentino” will see one of Hollywood’s most cherished designers feted on Monday, September 10 in an ultra-exclusive runway event and fashion show hosted by FashionTelevision’s Jeanne Beker.

He was inspired by Hollywood… and Hollywood helped make him a star! Valentino’s strong association with Hollywood and its stars over the years has been unparalleled. The Italian couturier believes modern-day movie stars should always look glamorous and, as a result, the stars of the silver screen became his most important clients. From Liz Taylor to Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker to Jackie O, Ashley Judd to Uma Thurman to Gwyneth Paltrow, Hollywood loves Valentino. Now, as luminaries from Hollywood and beyond descend upon the city for the Toronto International Film Festival, CTV honours Valentino’s 45 years of fashion with this unique celebration.

At “FashionTelevision Celebrates Valentino,” CTV’s Festival Headquarters will be transformed into a world-class fashion event with cocktails and couture. A VIP list of special guests from Hollywood and beyond will enjoy cocktails before being treated to a spectacular fashion show featuring Valentino’s 2007 Fall/Winter Collection. In a first for CTV’s 299 Queen West environment, special guests will look on as the collection is presented on a spectacular 80-foot runway created just for this special night.

Hosted by Jeanne Beker, “FashionTelevision Celebrates Valentino” serves as a “teaser” for the upcoming, one-hour biography Valentino, Master of Style, set to air on CTV and FashionTelevision Channel at a later date.

As announced yesterday, CTV’s suite of #1 entertainment brands is joining forces to cover every red carpet, every major star, every gala, and every breaking story for the 10 days of the Toronto International Film Festival. Combining to bring even more all-access coverage are entertainment news teams from eTalk, Star!, MuchMusic, MTV, Bravo! and Fashion Television Channel- each fanning across the City to cover the Festival like never before. Add in Canada AM, and full TIFF news coverage across a full slate of CTV News properties, and its easy to see why CTV viewers will get the big picture. It’s the biggest names, the rising stars and all the breaking stories. It’s massive and multi-platform. This September, viewers will get it all on CTV and its trusted stable of entertainment experts.

Khalila G. leaves ‘Canadian Idol’

TORONTO (CP) _ Khalila Glanville, a daycare worker from Dorval, Que., is the latest "Canadian Idol" to be sent packing. Glanville, 24, was joined in the bottom three on Tuesday’s results show by Toronto’s Martha Joy and Hamilton’s Brian Melo.

Glanville’s rendition of "Natural Woman" _ famously sung by Aretha Franklin _ earned praise from the judges during Monday’s performance show, but viewers _ who cast 2.55 million votes this week _ apparently didn’t agree.

Also Tuesday, host Ben Mulroney announced that the "Idol" Top 10’s recording of "Believe In You" will be available for purchase at www.idol.ctv.ca and at various online music stores. Proceeds will be donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Next week, the Top 8 will be mentored by Enrique Iglesias.

In addition to Joy and Melo, the remaining finalists are: student Jaydee Bixby, 16, Drumheller, Alta.; lobster fisherman Dwight d’Eon, 28, West Pubnico, N.S.; waitress Carly Rae Jepsen, 21, Mission, B.C.; House framer Greg Neufeld, 23, Abbotsford, B.C.; singer Tara Oram, 23, Hare Bay, N.L.; and student Matt Rapley, 18, Regina.

‘Corner Gas’ set to air in U.S

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (CP) _ After five seasons in Canada, "Corner Gas" _ Brent Butt’s loopy little sitcom set in the fictional town of Dog River, Sask. _ is finally being introduced to U.S. viewers.

The carrier is Chicago-based superstation WGN, available in over 70 million U.S. homes as well as to digital subscribers in Canada.

In an era when U.S. programming floods across our borders and dominates our ratings, it is news when a Canadian TV show manages to turn it around and crack the U.S. market. Not everything we try to export to the States sticks; "Trailer Park Boys" were told to decamp after one low-rated season on the U.S. cable network BBC America. "Da Vinci’s Inquest," however, was quickly embraced by viewers when it was picked up by WGN, providing a tidy annuity for its star, Nicholas Campbell.

"Corner Gas" is already a pretty successful import, appearing in 26 countries. Cast members keep hearing stories from tourists who have seen episodes in far away places such as Australia and New Zealand.

This press tour, however, the buzz has been about the show that has stolen some of the thunder from "Corner Gas" in Canada, CBC’s "Little Mosque On The Prairie."

New NBC chairman Ben Silverman confirmed last week that "Little Mosque" is on his radar. The cast of the CBC comedy is also being feted next month in Los Angeles at The Paley Center For Media (formerly the Museum Of Television & Radio).

The tour has also seen a steady parade of Europeans _ as well as the occasional Canadian _ posing as Americans on NBC, CBS and Fox. More than ever before, U.S. networks seem to be looking beyond their borders for fresh faces. Whether it is thanks to the success of "Heroes" _ a show which boasts an exceptionally international cast for a U.S. television series _ or the break out stardom of Dr. Gregory House _ a.k.a. British actor Hugh Laurie, the world seems to be coming to America this fall.

The star and creator of "Corner Gas," Brent Butt, figures his timing couldn’t be better. This past weekend, the 40-year-old Saskatchewan-native joined critics from both sides of the border at a low-key press tour breakfast to promote WGR’s pick-up of the series.

Somehow, back bacon did not make the menu. Instead, besides the usual bacon and eggs, critics were offered "Corner Gas" golf balls, key chains, coffee mugs and other cheesy trinkets.

Butt, who was joined at the breakfast by co-stars Nancy Robertson (Wanda), Gabrielle Miller (Lacey) and Tara Spencer-Nairn (Officer Karen Pelly), is pretty sure Americans will get his show. He’s been told Dog River reminds them of rural Nebraska. "They just accept that it is a small town in the middle of nowhere," he said.

Someone once described his show as "Seinfeld" rocketed back 40 years and put in Mayberry. That’s the description he passes along to Americans.

Butt used a photo of the cast standing in front of a grain elevator to break down the show for U.S. critics. "You’ve got the authority figures who aren’t very good at what they do," he said, pointing at police officers Spencer-Nairn and Lorne Cardinal, "the bitter co-worker who is snarky and doesn’t want to be there (Robertson’s Wanda), the strong matriarch (Janet Wright’s Emma) the cranky old guy (Eric Peterson’s Oscar), the dopey local (Fred Ewanuick’s Hank), the smart ass (Butt himself, who plays station owner Brent Leroy) and the fish out of water (Miller’s transplanted coffee shop owner, Lacey)."

One U.S. critic seemed to get it immediately, claiming her husband could easily fill in as Oscar.

Robertson, who describes her character as "the plain gas station attendant," is just glad "Corner Gas isn’t being re-cast for the American market. Her part would probably go to somebody like Meg Ryan, she guesses, "the American version of plain."

Butt recalled that when they did write an American into an episode they tried to play against the notion that most Yanks don’t know or care that much about Canada. Mark McKinney guest-starred in an early episode as a Yank who knew more about Canadians than the Canadians did. "We turned it on its head," he said.

He also doesn’t feel Americans will be stumped by occasional guest stars who mean nothing outside of Canada, such as CTV News anchor Lloyd Robertson or former Toronto Maple Leaf Darryl Sittler.

"I look at it as value added," says Butt. "If you know who Darryl Sittler is, you’ll enjoy the joke so much more than people who don’t know who Darryl Sittler is." And if you don’t, well, it’s no worse than when Canadians don’t exactly get all the references on British TV comedies. As Robertson says, the worst that can happen is that American viewers "might learn a few things" about Canada.

Live Earth reaches 8.3 Million in Can.

Toronto, CTV brought the world to Canadians Saturday, and Canadians watched by the millions. BBM Nielsen Media Research confirmed that CTV’s Live Earth broadcasts reached 8.34 million Canadians, who watched some or all of the concert coverage on CTV and its affiliated specialty channels MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic, Bravo!, Star! and MuchVibe. In all, Live Earth on CTV was watched by nearly one in three Canadians*, representing 30% of the English Canada population.

The marathon, 29-hour, High Definition broadcast on CTV delivered almost 400,000 viewers per minute from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. on 7/7/07, 138% more viewers than Global and 176% more viewers than CBC. Nationally and in Toronto, Canada’s largest television market, Live Earth on CTV was also the #1 program Saturday night in prime time. The broadcast peaked with 672,000 viewers on Saturday afternoon just following Madonna’s performance from Wembley Stadium in London.

The first-ever CTV broadcast emanating from its newly acquired MuchMusic studios, Live Earth was hosted by no less than 11 personalities spanning the family of CTVgm networks including CTV, MTV, MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic, Star! and TSN. CTV took Canadian viewers around the world in a day, with live highlights from each of the nine cities hosting Live Earth concerts. Meanwhile, each of the nine concerts was seen live, in its entirety on MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic, Bravo!, Star! and MuchVibe. At one point on Saturday afternoon, Canadian viewers had the option of watching any one of five concerts happening simultaneously.

For CTV, it was the second monumental concert production mounted in one week. On July, 1, CTV’s Concert For Diana, reached 2.9 million Canadians coast-to-coast.

MuchMusic Best of Live Earth, a two-hour re-cap special featuring the best performances from the historic concert events, airs Saturday, July 14 at 9 p.m. ET on MuchMusic. MuchMore Music Best of Live Earth airs Sunday, July 15 at 9 p.m. ET on MuchMoreMusic.

Live Earth Broadcast is CTV’s Most Ambitious Television Event Ever

Toronto, An unprecedented, multi-channel effort to deliver a green message to Canadians will make CTV’s broadcast of Live Earth: The Concerts for a Climate in Crisis on 7/7/07 it’s most ambitious television project ever, CTV announced today. In an effort to galvanize people from across Canada to “answer the call” about the global climate crisis, the network revealed a broadcast plan that will see a marathon, 28-hour, High Definition broadcast on CTV as well as over 60 hours of additional live coverage on CTVglobemedia’s MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic, Bravo! and Star!, where each concert from each city will be seen in their entirety.

“As artists unite across the planet to focus attention on the climate crisis, CTV will bring the world to Canadians unlike ever before, delivering a message that hopefully will resonate long after the broadcast is over,” said Susanne Boyce, CTV President of Programming and Chair of the CTV Media Group.

In what will be the world’s largest High Definition concert broadcast of all time, CTV’s non-stop Live Earth coverage will be the longest, single program ever broadcast by the network. Live coverage begins at 10 p.m. ET on Friday, July 6 when the first of more than 100 international artists takes to the stage in Sydney, Australia and continues until 11 p.m. ET on Saturday, July 7, when the historic event concludes at Giants Stadium in New Jersey (see Addendum 1: Live Earth Timeline, below). Viewers in British Columbia will see 28 hours of coverage, beginning at 7 p.m. PT on July 6 and continuing to 11 p.m. PT on July 7.

Canadians will join together with an estimated two billion people in more than 100 countries around the world during CTV’s Live Earth broadcast. The worldwide television event from all seven continents features a series of eleven incredible concerts by more than 100 artists.

Live Earth features performances from some of the world’s biggest music headliners, including Madonna, Bon Jovi, The Police, Enrique Iglesias, Kelly Clarkson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kanye West, Melissa Etheridge, Beastie Boys, Smashing Pumpkins, John Mayer, Shakira, Black Eyed Peas, Foo Fighters, Fall Out Boy, Duran Duran, The Pussycat Dolls and many others.

About Live Earth

Live Earth was founded by Kevin Wall, CEO of Control Room, the company producing the music events globally. Live Earth is a 24-hour, 7-continent concert series on 7/7/07 that will bring together more than 100 of the world’s top music acts to inspire an audience of over two billion people to combat global warming. Official Live Earth concerts will be staged in New York, Washington, London, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo/Kyoto, Shanghai, Johannesburg Hamburg and Antarctica. Live Earth is a project of the SOS campaign, which aims to motivate people around the world to “Answer the Call”

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