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CBC to air Oscar winner ‘The Danish Poet,’ in unenviable time slot

TORONTO (CP) _ The CBC is crowing about its plans to air Canada’s only 2007 Oscar winner, the animated short "The Danish Poet" _ but it’s picked a time slot that almost guarantees very few Canadians will see the film unless they PVR it.

The public broadcaster put out a news release Tuesday heralding the broadcast premiere of Torill Kove’s Academy Award winner during what is arguably a time slot when most Canadians are fast asleep: this Sunday at midnight as part of its "Canadian Reflections" series.

"Canadian Reflections" showcases Canadian short films, and has aired early shorts of many of the country’s top filmmakers, including Atom Egoyan and David Cronenberg.

The Norwegian-born Kove, 48, of Montreal, won the Oscar on Sunday night for "The Danish Poet," a Canada -Norway co-production narrated by Norwegian actress Liv Ullman. The film tells the story of a young poet who travels to Norway to find inspiration by meeting Norwegian writer and Nobel Prize winner Sigrid Undset.

It was Kove’s second trip to the Oscars. The animator, who has lived in Canada since 1982, was nominated in 1999 for "My Grandmother Ironed the King’s Shirts."