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Devine Entertainment partners with Trilogy to expand into U.S. market

Toronto’s Devine Entertainment Corporation, capitalizing on the global distribution of award-winning original film and television content, announced today that Los Angeles-based Trilogy Capital Partners, a leading financial marketing and investor relations firm, will manage the process of expanding the company’s awareness in the United States and other significant markets.

"With Devine expecting to enter an exciting phase in the growth and development of its strategic business plan to further capitalize on growing opportunities in the multi-billion dollar worldwide entertainment market, we needed to significantly enhance our ability to provide essential news and information to our long-term supporters as well as prospective investors,” said David Devine, President and Chief Executive Officer of Devine Entertainment. “Trilogy will greatly assist us in our efforts to keep up with the critical demands of financial and investor communications as we expand our production and distribution operations.”

"Devine’s track record of successfully creating and distributing award-winning film and television productions has positioned it solidly for growth opportunities in one of the world’s largest and most visible industries,” said Ryon Harms, President of Trilogy Capital Partners. "We are excited about the opportunity to help Devine deliver its message to the global investor community."

Devine is an industry-recognized film and television production company targeting the worldwide entertainment marketplace, with distribution across cable, satellite and broadcast television, as well as home video, DVD and the Internet. It has emerged as a leader in the children’s and family entertainment marketplace, and is amassing a valuable library of original film and television programming. The company is expanding its production and distribution of entertainment content through an increased number of alliances with leading international distributors, broadcasters and co-producers.