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How to Eat Fried Worms

How to Eat Fried Worms _ An engaging, lighthearted family film that’s a lot tastier than its title implies. The movie has victims taking on bullies, something we all can relate to.

It’s got a parent-approved message of tolerance and understanding that’s not too sappy for children to appreciate. It’s got a passel of goofy kids with weird names and distinctive faces whose idiosyncrasies would make them fit right in on any grade-school playground.

It’s got a good dose of humour that’s cute without being overly sentimental. And for the kid in all of us clamouring to be yucked out, it’s got worms: gross ones, icky ones, pan-fried ones, microwaved ones. Writer-director Bob Dolman’s adaptation of Thomas Rockwell’s novel stars Luke Benward as the new kid at school, whose encounter with a bully (Adam Hicks) lands him in a bet over whether he can eat 10 worms in a single day.

By: David German, AP Movie Writer