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Ghost Rider

This box office hit, unfairly judged by critics is an excellent DVD. The film which has grossed over $200 million worldwide stars Nicolas Cage (National Treasure, Gone in 60 Seconds), Eva Mendes (2 Fast 2 Furious, Hitch), Wes Bentley (American Beauty), Sam Elliott (Hulk), Donal Logue (Zodiac, Blade) and Peter Fonda (The Limey, Easy Rider).

Cage plays Johnny Blaze, a famous motorcycle stunt man who, as a kid, gets tricked into selling his soul, and later learns that he is now the Devil’s bounty hunter. His job, assigned by Mephistopheles (Peter Fonda) himself, is to stop Meph’s rebellious son Blackheart (Wes Bentley) from replacing him as the Prince of Darkness. Forced to do the devil’s bidding, Johnny is determined to confront his fate and use his curse and powers to defend the innocent.

DVD special features give viewers a chance to go behind-the-action with bonus feature “Spirit of Vengeance: The Making of Ghost Rider,” which includes commentary with director/writer Mark Steven Johnson (Daredevil). The Extended Cut also includes “Sin and Salvation,” which delves into the history of the Ghost Rider comics and how it became a hit. 

The Extended Cut of Ghost Rider also includes an additional 15 minutes of never-before-seen footage including more suspense, more story and more excitement! Additional scenes include more back story between Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage) and his father, additional scenes between Johnny and evil incarnate Mephistopheles (Peter Fonda) and an intense confrontation between the Caretaker (Sam Elliot) and Blackheart (Wes Bentley).

Ghost Rider races onto DVD June 12, 2007.