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Jude Law, Anthony Minghella together again

TORONTO (CP) _ Jude Law is known to tabloid readers everywhere for his salacious romances and keen fashion sense, but director Anthony Minghella wants audiences to remember that he’s also a pretty decent actor. Law and Minghella, who previously worked together on "Cold Mountain" and "The Talented Mr. Ripley," had high praise for each other Wednesday as they promoted their latest project, "Breaking and Entering," at the Toronto International Film Festival.

"For me, if nothing else, I think this movie demonstrates again that when you take away all the ‘crap’ that seems to accumulate around the edges of frames connected with Jude’s work, the work itself is astonishing and true and honest and generous," said Minghella.

"I’d be happy to make every movie with Jude and I’d be lucky to."

In "Breaking and Entering," Law once again takes on the role of a kind-hearted cad. Will (Law) is a landscape architect who faces questions about culture and class when he sets up shop in a dodgy part of London. At the same time, he finds himself torn between his relationship with longtime girlfriend (Robin Wright Penn) and the mother of a teenage boy who burglarizes his office (Juliette Binoche).

Law _ who showed up at the news conference looking typically dashing in a grey jacket, skinny black tie and dishevelled hair _ said the reason he’s worked with Minghella so often is simple.

"Every time he’s sent me a script to read I’ve loved the script. Our relationship from working together some seven years ago has evolved _ both in front of the camera and behind the camera. Everytime I’ve worked with him we’ve had a great time, we’ve done good work."

For his part, Minghella said he’s intrigued by the idea of developing a long-term relationship with an actor, citing the longtime collaboration between Robert Redford and director Sydney Pollack, who co-produced "Breaking and Entering."

"People say ‘why do you cast the same people?"’ said Minghella, who worked with Binoche on "The English Patient."

"I say ‘are you kidding? why do they agree to come back?’ "

Said Law: "We understand each other, I suppose . . . we just have similar outlooks on work and outlooks on life. I always feel his writing elevates my eloquence. If something works, then stick with it."