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Kelly Osbourne: Turning Japanese Beginning Thursday January 25th 9pm (60min.)

TORONTO MuchMusic delivers the world premiere of the new culture-clash reality series KELLY OSBOURNE: TURNING JAPANESE, which tracks the wild child of rock royalty’s misadventures in the Land of the Rising Sun. On her own and raring for reinvention, this brash Brit gets lost in translation when she dives headfirst into a society she perceives as mysterious, alien and terribly polite. 

Long obsessed with Japan, 22-year-old Kelly moves to Tokyo for five weeks, where she immerses herself in iconic traditions such as Geisha and Samurai, and modern phenomena like the Love Hotel, anime and host clubs. From swordplay and Buddhist ceremonies to serving men coffee while dressed as a maid, this cultural guinea pig struggles with often baffling tasks and expectations the average Westerner rarely experiences. 

Throughout each of the three episodes, the famously outspoken celeb expresses her self-doubt and homesickness with her trademark honesty and foul language. The series asks whether this notorious hellraiser will reassess her life and learn something about herself while learning about Japan.

KELLY is currently hosting PROJECT CATWALK, the British version of PROJECT RUNWAY.