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MySpace Launches Film Screening Series with Fox’s "BORAT "

LOS ANGELES-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Sept. 15, 2006-MySpace, announced today that it has joined forces with Twentieth Century Fox to launch MySpace’s first international film screening event, Black Carpet. On September 20, MySpace members in six countries will have the opportunity to attend an exclusive screening of BORAT: CULTURAL LEARNINGS OF AMERICA FOR MAKE BENEFIT GLORIOUS NATION OF KAZAKHSTAN (http://www.myspace.com/borat), the first international event of the Black Carpet screening series (http://myspace.com/blackcarpet). The screening event will be the first time MySpace’s global community has simultaneous access to an exclusive event hosted by the website.

"International expansion is one of the most important initiatives for the company and the Black Carpet series illustrates our response to users demanding local and relevant events in their market," said Travis Katz, VP of international development for MySpace. "As we continue our community expansion, this type of programming defines the intimate access and local experiences we’ll continue to bring to MySpace users worldwide."

The Black Carpet series will create unique opportunities for MySpace users to see the biggest films before they hit theaters. At the first international Black Carpet event, MySpace and Twentieth Century Fox are giving members in Canada, Germany (http://de.myspace.com), Great Britain (http://uk.myspace.com), Ireland (http://ie.myspace.com), Australia (http://au.myspace.com) and 20 U.S. cities the opportunity to attend advance local screenings of "BORAT" more before it hits theaters on November 3.

"The reaction to this film has been pretty extraordinary, as most recently evidenced by the buzz coming out of the Toronto Film Festival," said Pam Levine, co-president of Twentieth Century Fox theatrical marketing. "With a movie this unique, nothing can communicate its impact as effectively as experiencing it yourself. We’re pleased to offer this exclusive screening event to the global MySpace community."

In "BORAT" Sacha Baron Cohen, star of HBO’s hit comedy "Da Ali G Show," takes his outrageous Kazakh reporter character Borat to the big screen. In the film, Borat travels from his primitive home in Kazakhstan to the U.S. to make a documentary and on his cross-country road-trip, he meets real people in real situations with hysterical consequences.

For access to the MySpace Black Carpet screening events, users must join the Black Carpet profile (http://myspace.com/blackcarpet) as well as the profile of their favorite film to receive bulletins with details on locations and showtimes.