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Profile 2007 Report on the Canadian Film and Television Production Industry


National indicators of production

  * $4.8 billion in total production volume, a 5.8% increase over the previous period. This figure includes:
* $1.8 billion in Canadian television production (up 1% over 2005/06)
* $323 million in Canadian theatrical film production (up 75.6%)
* $995 million in broadcaster in-house production (down 9.1%)
* $1.7 billion in foreign location shooting (up 13.8%)
* International treaty co-production fell by 25%. France and the UK remained Canada’s largest treaty partners in 2005.
* The top Canadian-produced TV show in English Canada was Canadian Idol, with 1,750,000 viewers. In French Canada, the top Canadian-produced show was Star Académie, with 2,147,000 viewers.
* The top Canadian-produced film in English Canada in 2006 Trailer Park Boys: The Movie, grossing $3.9M at the box office. In French Canada, it was Bon Cop Bad Cop with $9.7M at the box office in 2006..

Jobs and Export Value

  * – 124,300 direct and indirect jobs (47,800 direct & 76,500 indirect) (up 8%)
* – $1.9 billion in export value (up 11%)

Full report availible for download at http://www.cftpa.ca/