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Directors back Rome Film Festival

MILAN — A-list moviemakers have attacked plans by Rome’s right-wing mayor-elect Gianni Alemanno to shut Hollywood out of the city’s annual film fest.

On Sunday in Rome’s politically charged atmosphere, Alemanno repeated his vow to do away with “a catwalk of Hollywood stars, who were “just about image” at the Rome Film Festival.

“This doesn’t interest Romans and it doesn’t interest our film industry,” he said.

But two-time Oscar winner Milos Forman said it would be “really absurd to downsize an event” that in “just two years had managed to become a capital of cinema like Venice.”

Directing legend Arthur Penn said the Rome fest was a “marvelous, international event’ that gave prominence to Italian filmmakers such as Bernardo Bertolucci and the Taviani brothers.

Helmer Jonathan Demme warned that canceling the fest would be a “huge mistake.”

“If you’re talking about defending the Italian film industry, I would be the first person to come to Rome to show the work of Italian directors,” he said.

Source: Variety