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ABC’S "Six Degrees" Voted Most Anticipated New Fall Show

SAN FRANCISCO-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Sept. 14, 2006-ABC’s "Six Degrees" was voted the most anticipated new fall TV show according to a recent survey on TV.com (www.tv.com). The NYC-based drama from the producers of "Lost" starring Campbell Scott and Hope Davis secured more than 36 percent of the 13,000 plus votes, followed by NBC’s comedy "30 Rock" with 17 percent, and ABC’s family drama "Brothers & Sisters" with 14 percent (see below for a full list of top-ranking premieres).

The poll is part of TV.com’s extensive feature on the fall TV season, which includes a comprehensive program calendar, in-depth show summaries, episode guides, videos, downloads, news updates, actor bios, and cast photos, complemented by viewer reviews, forums, and blogs.

"When we poll TV.com’s audience of millions of TV fans, we obtain interesting insight regarding trends and programming preferences that may, or may not, be in line with the industry’s expectations," said Stephanie Quay, site director, TV.com. "Our active community members base their votes on months of information exchanging and opinion sharing on TV.com. This online buzz building is an exciting phenomenon that allows us to monitor trends and forecast hits."

Another TV.com poll regarding what percentage of its audience will view the fall lineup in real-time versus digital video recordings, revealed that the majority of respondents – 60 percent – plan to watch at least half of the new and returning fall shows live.

"Even though many of TV.com’s users have DVRs, the poll results demonstrate that their passion and enthusiasm for eagerly anticipated shows drives them to watch the programs live," said Quay. "The morning after a show airs, the TV.com message boards are filled with community comments discussing every aspect of the program. These lively conversations continue throughout the week as viewers who watch the show on their own schedule join in, ultimately creating a perpetual online water cooler for TV fans."

Following are the full results from TV.com’s "Most Anticipated New

TV Show This Fall" poll:

Six Degrees  23%  3,158

30 Rock  17%  2,347

Brother & Sisters  14%  1,936

Ugly Betty  12%  1,638

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip  10%  1,332

Jericho  9%  1,274

Heroes  7%  937

Shark  5%  618
‘Til Death  2%  216

The Nine  1%  154

Total Votes: 13,610

Following are the results from TV.com’s "How Will You Watch the

Season Premieres?" poll:

Live  36%  844

Mostly live, some on DVR  15%  364

Half live, half DVR  9%  204

Mostly DVR, sometimes live  13%  316

All DVR all the way. What’s live TV?  26%  623

Total Votes: 2,351