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Movie Central and the Movie Network present season three of ReGenesis

TORONTO, – Corus Entertainment’s Movie Central (western Canada) and Astral Media’s The Movie Network (eastern Canada) present season three of the Gemini Award-winning series ReGenesis with two back-to-back episodes premiering on Sunday, April 1 at 7 p.m. PT on Movie Central and 8 p.m. ET on The Movie Network.

Six months after an explosion that nearly destroyed the NorBAC (North American Biotechnology Advisory Commission) lab, David Sandstrvm (Peter Outerbridge, Detective Murdoch Mysteries) and his team of scientists struggle to rebuild and recover. With key members of NorBAC killed in the explosion, a new virologist, Rachel Woods (Wendy Crewson, Criminal Instinct: The Joanne Kilbourn Mysteries) has joined the team as it attempts to unravel a myriad of global threats, including bacteria that has evolved into an explosive compound; a mercury contamination that threatens California’s water supply; and bio-terrorism that has landed on North American soil.

Also new to the cast this season is Geraint Wyn Davies (Slings & Arrows)as Carlton Riddlemeyer, the new U.S. science czar – and former husband of Rachel Woods – who threatens to pull U.S. funding for NorBAC unless the team can prove its value. Guest-starring as the mysterious Olivier Roth in the season’s final episode is Victor Garber (Alias).

In the opening episodes, Sandstrvm and Bob Melnikov (Dmitry Chepovetsky,Man of the Year) are called to investigate a lab explosion in Utah; was it an accident or is someone trying to shut down another lab? The NorBAC team delves into the lab’s groundbreaking work, which would have had a huge environmental impact. Meanwhile, Rachel studies the DNA of her godson’s alleged killer, whose crime was caught on tape but whose DNA isn’t a match.

This season, Carlos Serrano (Conrad Pla, The Terminal) investigates a deadly strain of c.difficile that has killed many people, including an old friend; Bob deals with an injury sustained in the blast that threatens his ability to continue to work at NorBAC; Mayko Tran (Mayko Nguyen, Mysterious Ways) copes with the physical and emotional scars left in the wake of the bomb blast; Wes Field (Greg Bryk, A History of Violence) becomes the interim director at NorBAC, and must also deal with the pregnancy of his 12-year-old niece who claims to be a virgin; and Owen (Michael Seater, Life With Derek) considers experimental gene therapy that could cure his addictive behaviour.
"The international success of Canadian pay-TV’s flagship series, ReGenesis, is proof that there’s an appetite for the kind of sophisticated, thought-provoking dramas that Canadian Pay delivers," said Shelley Gillen, Head of Creative and Business Affairs, Movie Central. "Our original programming strategy is built on the assumption that our series can rival the world’s best. ReGenesis has met that challenge and demonstrates that the future of high-quality Canadian dramatic story-telling is pay-TV."
"ReGenesis has generated a loyal fan base both here at home and abroad, and we’re thrilled to see it enter its third season which we believe is the strongest yet. Great performances, superior production values, and current storylines are just a few of the things that make this series a pay-TV success story," said Michelle Marion, Director, Canadian Independent Production, The Movie Network.

New this season, ReGenesis fans can access an exclusive weekly video blog (Vlog) at www.moviecentral.ca and www.themovienetwork.ca. The Vlog is posted by NorBAC’s bioinformatics researcher Mayko Tran (Mayko Nguyen), who shares her thoughts regarding the reconstruction of the lab, her life and everything that’s affected the team in the past six months. The series is also supported online by an award-winning Web presence at www.regenesistv.com where a virtual tour of the NorBAC lab or link to the "Facts behind the Fiction" of every episode is available, courtesy of the Ontario Genomics Institute.

TMN Offers Oct. Free Preview

TORONTO, Oct. 4 /CNW/ – There’s no place like home in October when Astral Media’s The Movie Network introduces The Movie Network Free Preview Weekend, a special event providing a weekend-long complimentary sampling of The Movie Network’s exclusive programming and service offering. The free preview will be available with Personal TV from Rogers and to Bell ExpressVu customers from Friday, October 13 to Sunday, October 15, with Star Choice and EastLink customers receiving their preview on the weekend of Friday, October 20.

"The Movie Network is a premium service with the best and most exclusive content available in eastern Canada," said Domenic Vivolo, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Astral Television Networks.

"Offering a free preview is one of the most effective sampling tools for The Movie Network because it exposes viewers to the myriad of benefits associated with the channel, including our exclusive line-up of first-run HBO and Showtime series and new Hollywood movies. With unparalleled entertainment value and world-class programming, The Movie Network uses the latest technology to bring subscribers the best in-home movie watching experience. When people watch The Movie Network they will know exactly what they’re missing."

From Hollywood-hit movies to critically-acclaimed HBO and Showtime series and specials, The Movie Network Free Preview Weekend’s programming line-up will include In Her Shoes, Domino, Hustle & Flow, Into the Blue, Lord of War,Rent, HBO’s The Wire and Showtime’s Brotherhood, Sleeper Cell, The Underground and the highly-anticipated premiere episode of Dexter. Viewers will also get a chance to find out about the network’s special features including its uncut and commercial-free environment, widescreen and Dolby Digital 5.1 offering and The Movie Network HD. As an added bonus, viewers tuned in to The Movie Network

Free Preview Weekend will also be able to take advantage of The Movie Network and Mpix special subscription offer.

The Movie Network Free Preview Weekend will be available on the following dedicated channels:

Bell Express Vu – Channel 299, Rogers Cable – Channel 1 & 59 in the GTA, Star Choice – Channel 299