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Tom Green’s surgery to repair broken leg will be filmed for his online talk show

DENVER (AP) _ Tom Green, who allowed cameras to document his surgery for testicular cancer, plans to film an operation on his broken leg for his online talk show, "Tom Green Live."

"It worked with my cancer special so why not try it with my broken leg," Green told The Associated Press.

The 35-year-old comic actor said he was doing skateboarding tricks last week in a parking lot when he suffered what he thought was a sprain. X-rays turned up a break after Green walked on the injured left leg for a week. Surgery was scheduled for Thursday.

"I’m doing this thing for my television show on the Internet where I was going to learn a new skateboarding trick every day. I was just doing some massive ollies," Green said Tuesday, referring to a simple skateboarding trick.

Footage of his operation will be shown on Denver-based ManiaTV.com and Green’s website, which both broadcast "Tom Green Live" and have the footage of Green breaking his leg. Green figures the injury, which came a few months after he broke two ribs during a fishing accident in Costa Rica, will keep him at home more. Since his show broadcasts from a studio in his living room in the Hollywood Hills, it could mean more spontaneous broadcasts at all hours, he said. In the meantime, he is spending more time at the computer.

"I’ve been telling myself I’m going to be more careful. What I was trying to do wasn’t all that dangerous, just a massive ollie. I’m just kicking myself," Green said.

Green was diagnosed with testicular cancer in March 2000. He was the host of "The Tom Green Show" and "The New Tom Green Show" on MTV. His acting credits include roles in "Stealing Harvard," "Freddy Got Fingered" and "Road Trip." Green was briefly married to Drew Barrymore.