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Ivan Reitman hoping to make ‘Trailer Park Boys’ movie a hit in the U.S.

TORONTO (CP) _ If legendary Canadian filmmaker Ivan Reitman has his way, the Trailer Park Boys _ Ricky, Julian and Bubbles _ will soon achieve the level of stardom in the United States that they enjoy here at home.

Reitman is close to inking a final deal with an unnamed American company to distribute "Trailer Park Boys: The Movie" to a U.S. audience, he said Wednesday on the line from Los Angeles.

"I literally have not closed it, we have not signed the contract, but a deal is being made and it should be announced in the next few weeks," said Reitman, who served as executive producer of last year’s Canadian box office hit.

Reitman pointed out that the humour of the movie, which follows the hard-partying Maritime thieves in their uproariously unsuccessful efforts to steal a mass quantity of change, is not exclusively Canadian.

"We’ve screened in America a number of times, including the South by Southwest festival and it was huge there; they loved it," he said. "The reception was actually better than at the Toronto screenings I attended because it was more surprising."

It was during the festival in Austin, Texas, in March, in fact, that distributors sat up and took notice of the film, referred to as a "cinematic masterpiece" by the Orange County Weekly reviewer who watched it (www.ocweekly.com).

Reitman, who’s heading to his hometown of Toronto in two weeks to be lauded for his induction into Canada’s Walk of Fame, is certainly used to those kinds of accolades. The 60-year-old _ "a very young 60," he’s quick to point out _ made his name as the man behind comedy classics including "National Lampoon’s Animal House," "Ghostbusters" and "Stripes."

His most recent success is the teen thriller and box office smash hit "Disturbia," starring Shia LaBeouf. Reitman produced the film. Reitman spends a lot of time in Canada, travelling here every six weeks or so, and will soon have an apartment in Toronto at the new Toronto International Film Festival complex, currently under construction in the city’s downtown core. But he’s particularly happy to be coming in June to be feted after being formally inducted into the Canadian Walk of Fame a few years ago.

"There’s something very warm and inviting and friendly about coming back," he says. "I got married in Montreal, I grew up in Toronto. They are beautiful cities with an enormous amount to offer, and two very distinctive cities in a very distinctive country."

Reitman still has lots of friends and family in Canada, many of whom he’ll see when he visits in a couple of weeks _ including his son, Jason, the subject of rave reviews himself last year for his film "Thank You for Smoking." Jason Reitman, who was born in Montreal, is currently working on his next movie, "Juno," in Vancouver.

"Now he’s giving me tips," Reitman said with a laugh, remembering how he used to give his son suggestions on filmmaking _ but the tables turned when the elder Reitman was making last year’s "My Super Ex-Girlfriend," starring Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson.

"I remember the day I brought him into the editing room, and he felt so great, and I felt so great, because he was doing to me what I had been doing to him all these years. It was a very interesting kind of shift in generation."

Reitman says he’s got a number of projects he’s working on _ but one of them isn’t, for now, a sequel to the "Trailer Park Boys" movie.

"It doesn’t make any sense unless we can make this work outside of Canada," he said. "There might be a sequel for only Canadian consumption, but I’m hoping there could be a sequel for worldwide consumption."

"I have hopes, but the issue is it’s very hard to break through right now in the American theatrical marketplace because it’s so expensive and they’re not going to spend that kind of money. It’s a small distributor, so we’ll see. I’m keeping my fingers crossed."

Trailer Park movie comes to DVD

TORONTO (CP) _ Mike Smith, better known as Bubbles from "The Trailer Park Boys," admits to being somewhat astonished that he’s become one of Canada’s most recognizable comic faces with his Coke-bottle eyeglasses, jutting jaw and kitty-cat obsession.

"It’s really weird," Smith said in a recent interview to promote the DVD release Tuesday of the critically acclaimed "Trailer Park Boys: The Movie."

"I never even intended on being an actor."

The TV series has long been a hit for Showcase, but the movie arrived in theatres last fall to raves from movie critics, even landing on many Canadian critics’ year-end Top 10 lists. It was nominated for a best-picture Genie though it lost last week to "Bon Cop, Bad Cop."

Smith was simply a musician and an acquaintance of Mike Clattenburg, the creator of "The Trailer Park Boys," when he asked him for advice on how to work as a soundman for film and television productions.

"I used to have a rock band called Sandbox and Mike had a band called Big Ethel, and they used to play with us sometimes, so I kind of knew Mike that way," Smith recalls in a rare interview conducted out of character.

Clattenburg _ childhood friends of the other two Trailer Park Boys, Robb Wells and Jean Paul Tremblay _ told him to come to work on his project, the early version of "The Trailer Park Boys" TV show.

"And I said yes and I went over and I met Robb and J.P., and started doing sound on that. And one day I was just doing this character on set that I’d always done since I was like 12 or 13 or 14 years old. I didn’t have the glasses but I sort of flipped my hair over to the side and talked in the voice and Mike saw me doing it."

And the rest, so they say, was Trailer Park Boys history.

Clattenburg liked what he saw and asked Smith to come to his house later that night.

"I went over and he got me to put the glasses on and he took out the camera and started asking me questions. I thought we were just screwing around, but I realize now it was an audition."

Bubbles, in fact, is an integral part of "The Trailer Park Boys," both on the small and big screens _ the kitten-loving boy-man, who lives in a shed next to Julian’s trailer after being abandoned by his parents as a young child, is the Trailer Park Boy everyone roots for.

"That’s kind of the role of Bubbles," Smith says. "You’ve got Ricky and Julian. Ricky’s obviously not the brightest guy but he’s got a huge heart, and then Julian, he’s the scammer who’s always coming up with the scams while drinking heavily.

"They’re the only family Bubbles has and he’s kind of caught in the middle and wants to keep those guys out of jail. So he inherently has that sympathetic quality where you want him to succeed."

In the real world, Smith says, Bubbles has his share of female fans. Robb Wells, who plays Ricky, says his castmate is popular with the ladies, many of whom want him to keep his Coke-bottle glasses on.

"Interesting … he’s just saying that probably because when he was doing the interview his girlfriend was sitting beside him," Smith says with a chuckle.

But he allows that "girls do seem to adore Bubbles. It’s the kitty-cat thing and that he’s just very innocent and sweet."

Keeping the glasses on, however, is something Smith says is a tough thing to do. At the beginning of every season of the TV show, he suffers headaches and an aching jaw as he returns to character.

"Because I haven’t been doing it for so long, the first week or so I have a really sore jaw every night," he says. "I get headaches but it’s so far out of focus that my brain just says now ‘there’s no way’ and it shuts down."

He does have one thing in common with his character, however _ his love of felines.

"I love kitties," he says. "The one that we used in Season Four when I go to jail and I bring the cat to jail with me _ that’s my actual cat. His name is Vincent _ Vince the Pince, I call him, because he was born with no bones in one of his feet. He only has two toes but they’re an inch and a half long so it looks like a lobster claw."

He sighs.

"I really love that kitty," he says.

Trailer Park Boys to Host 2007 East Coast Music Awards on CBC Sun. Feb. 18

Tune in for an evening of music, madness and mayhem at the Halifax Metro Centre, Sunday, Feb. 18, as The Trailer Park Boys return to host the 2007 EAST COAST MUSIC AWARDS (ECMA) gala on CBC Television, live from Halifax at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT) in the Maritimes, and at 8 p.m. across the rest of the country.

Actors John Paul Tremblay as “Julian”, Robb Wells as “Ricky” and Mike Smith as “Bubbles” return to host the show for the second year. The ECMA Gala features a stellar lineup of performers from across Atlantic Canada, and includes tributes to a Canadian rock and roll icon, an Atlantic Canadian blues legend, and a renowned Celtic music star. 

Joining Julian, Ricky and Bubbles on stage are some top East Coast performers, including Halifax hometown heroes Joel Plaskett Emergency, indie-rockers In-Flight Safety, singer-songwriter Jill Barber, JUNO and ECMA-nominated hip-hop artist Classified, Newfoundland & Labrador’s multi-ECMA winner Ron Hynes, New Brunswick Acadian-country singer George Belliveau, the country sound of The Divorcees and internationally acclaimed soprano Measha Brueggergosman, who hails from New Brunswick. Canadian Idol’s Rex Goudie, who has just released his second solo album, performs his new single.

Multi-ECMA and Juno winner and five-time nominee this year, George Canyon is joined on stage by friends Dave Gunning and Doris Mason to perform a very special tribute to rock and roll legend Denny Doherty. Doherty, who passed away recently, was the amazing tenor of the ’60s group The Mamas and the Papas, and later in life became the beloved Harbour Master for CBC Television’s Theodore Tugboat.

As well, there is a tribute to the late, great John Allan Cameron, featuring two-time Grammy nominee and multiple-ECMA winner Gordie Sampson, Fiona MacGillivary of the Cottars, JP Cormier, Ashley MacIsaac, The Bara MacNeils, Shaye (Kim Stockwood, Damhnait Doyle and Tara MacLean) and Cameron’s son Stuart paying homage to the “Godfather of Celtic Music.”

The much celebrated Dutch Mason, Nova Scotia’s best-known bluesman, and hailed as the “Prime Minister of The Blues,” is honoured in song by sensational blues guitarists JP LeBlanc and Charlie A’Court, accompanied by Angelo Spinazzola on blues harp.

Finally, banjo songster Old Man Luedecke performs alongside contemporary singer-songwriters Rose Cousins, David Myles and Catherine MacLellan.

The 2007 EAST COAST MUSIC AWARDS is produced by Geoff D’Eon and Michael Lewis for CBC Television and Jac Gautreau for ECMA, in association with The East Coast Music Association.

Trailer Park Boys The Movie is the number one comedy in Canada!

TORONTO, Oct. 9 /CNW/ – Canadian audiences have made TRAILER PARK BOYS THE MOVIE the number one comedy in the country. The movie grossed an estimated $1.3 million at the box office in its opening weekend becoming the 11th top grossing film in North America.

Playing on over 200 screens, TRAILER PARK BOYS THE MOVIE had a per screen average of $6,632 over the three-day weekend. The film finds Ricky, Julian and Bubbles hatching a plan for The Big Dirty – the largest heist of their criminal history.

TRAILER PARK BOYS THE MOVIE is directed by Mike Clattenburg, produced by Barrie Dunn and Mike Volpe and executive produced by Ivan Reitman. The film is distributed in Canada by Alliance Atlantis* Motion Picture Distribution LP.

TRAILER PARK BOYS THE MOVIE is currently in wide release across Canada.

Trailer Park Boys celebrate feature film release at the Mod Club.

By: Staff Writer

This is the big time! With media and fans poised for their arrival the East Coast- Sunnyvale troublemakers arrive in ‘style’ pulling up to the red carpet in a camper van where it looks like the party had already began. The premier screening had taken place just prior at the Paramount Theatre in downtown Toronto. Then it was time to celebrate. 

Taking the stage first and mc for the evening J. Rock, who hypes the crowd, dropping his usual “dope rhymes,” and plug to pick up the trailer park boys soundtrack, later followed a performance of the films theme song “Trailer park Life.”

Rock and roll with lots of alcohol was the theme for these new movie stars. Local rock group Thornley played a full 40 minute set, Ricky and Julian get up later to scream into the mic, and Bubbles flaunts his charm and talent playing alongside RUSH guitar icon Alex Lifeson. 

“The film was a challenge right from the start, says Producer Michael Volpe. “Introducing a whole new cast of characters to an audience that knew absolutely nothing about the Trailer Park Boys without repeating ourselves with our hardcore audience who knew everything about our Sunnyvale gang was difficult.”

The story begins with Pot smoking, rum drinking Ricky (Robb Wells) and Julian (John Paul Tremblay) kicked out from jail days before the guard/inmate ball hockey final. The boys return to Sunnyvale trailer park to meet Bubbles (Mike Smith) and friends with a plan for The Big Dirty, the largest heist of their long criminal history: a dimwitted scheme to steal vast quantities of change – since it’s untraceable. 

The executive producer Ivan Reitman did not attend the party, but worked closely with Director Mike Clattenburg through the 8 months of script development and was also involved in the shooting of the film and the editing process. Clattenburg was surprised at how involved Ivan was, with his busy schedule getting ready to direct “My Super Ex-Girlfriend.”

“I really saw Ivan’s true genius over the long period I worked with him. The man is a legend for a reason. He really knew what he was doing and he works very hard.”

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie opens in theatres across Canada Friday October 6th 

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