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United 93

Hollywood’s first big-screen dramatization of the Sept. 11 attacks is one of the year’s best films yet almost unbearable to watch. Using a cast of unknowns that lends an authentic sense of the strangers-on-a-plane feeling of air flight, director Paul Greengrass re-creates the plight of doomed passengers aboard one of the four hijacked jets.

The film’s documentary style makes it seem as though viewers are watching the actual events surrounding Flight 93, the plane that crashed in rural Pennsylvania, killing all aboard, after passengers fought back against the terrorists.

A single DVD release includes a documentary segment with interviews from passengers’ families, who gave their blessing to Greengrass’ film. The disc also has biographical capsules of the 40 passengers and crew who died on the flight, plus commentary from Greengrass. A two-disc set also includes a documentary segment on the air-traffic controllers and military personnel co-ordinating the response to the hijackings.