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Imagineer to debut new compositing system at NAB

Compositing — the process of combining separate elements such as live action and animation into a single image — is critical to visual effects and postproduction, but the tools have not experienced significant change in recent years.

U.K.-based Imagineer Systems is aiming to change that by developing a visual effects and finishing system that it is planning to debut next month at the National Association of Broadcasters Show.

The new system, named Mogul, incorporates new Imagineer software and HP hardware. It is described by the company as an “open, collaborative VFX architecture supporting a suite of tightly integrated, modular VFX systems and applications.” At its heart, it appears to target the compositing market — and it is compositors that have been quietly testing the system.

Mogul components include a shared storage management system; file browser; disk-based playback and review system; and finishing system with I/O, compositing, editing and color grading tools.

The traditional high-end compositing market has long been led by Autodesk Media & Entertainment, whose Flame user base appears to be Imagineer’s key target for Mogul.

At the other end of the compositing spectrum, many have been hoping for more lower-cost, software-based option like the discontinued Apple Shake, which still is used at many visual effects houses.

The NAB Show is set for April 11-17 in Las Vegas.

Source: Hollywood Reporter