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Wendy Mesley and Mike Holmes put contractors to the test in Marketplace primiere

CBC NEWS: MARKETPLACE moves to a new day and time for the launch of its 34th season of award-winning investigative consumer journalism, beginning Wednesday, Jan. 10 at 7:30 p.m. on CBC Television with Cat and House, a test of honesty for bidding home contractors.

In the season premiere, viewers are invited into a bait house wired with hidden cameras, where co-host Wendy Mesley joins forces with Canada’s colossal home contractor Mike Holmes to reveal the warning signs of unscrupulous contractors. In Cat and House, consumers can expect a wealth of knowledge to help ensure they don’t get stuck with a contractor nightmare.

As the only consistent and fearless advocate for the consumer on national television, MARKETPLACE hosts Wendy Mesley and Erica Johnson go beyond the smoke and mirrors of institutions and corporations to inform Canadians about the way they spend, and about their health and safety.

The rest of the 2007 season is packed with astounding revelations that will change the way you shop and live. Look out for startling hidden camera investigations: including a follow up episode to the highly-rated special Grand Theft Auto, where MARKETPLACE captures car thieves in the act; or a revealing examination around the shame and blame surrounding the growing explosion of bed bugs in unlikely places, and a shocking look at how medical staff may be putting your life at risk by not taking basic steps to control contagious germs.

Wendy Mesley and Erica Johnson continue to help viewers become smarter consumers with episodes testing the truth behind consumer products and services—like gift cards that are burning a hole in your pocket, or the latest juice that has people believing in big money and miracles.

MARKETPLACE is CBC’s award-winning consumer affairs program. For over 30 years, MARKETPLACE has been providing audiences with tough consumer reports, and has earned the trust of viewers across Canada. The senior producer of CBC NEWS: MARKETPLACE is Michael Gruzuk and executive producer is Tassie Notar.

CBC’S UNDERDOGS Is Top Dog With Consumers

Viewership for CBC Television’s new four-part series UNDERDOGS has nearly doubled since its debut in mid-November, with a ratings increase of over 80 per cent from episode two to episode three. Last week’s episode attracted 408,000 viewers.

Viewers are intrigued by this homegrown reality series hosted by Gemini award-winning journalist Wendy Mesley that brings consumers face-to-face with big corporations. Many of the underdogs featured in the series have overcome seemingly impossible odds and forced many companies to change their behaviour.

The season finale of UNDERDOGS, airing Thursday, Dec. 7 at 8 p.m., promises to showcase the most frustrating, inspiring and amusing underdog fights of the series with some surprising results. This emotional finale sees Mesley bring a widowed grandmother to the corporate headquarters of one of Canada’s largest utility providers, and the youngest underdog of the series will make waves through his fight with one of Canada’s largest bathroom tissue companies.

CBC has heard from more than two thousand Canadians who are inspired by this program, and determined to tell their underdog story. UNDERDOGS is a CBC Television production, developed and produced by the team that produces CBC News: Marketplace.