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XDCAM HD approved by Alliance Atlantis and Discovery Channel HD

Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc. has given conditional approval to Sony XDCAM HD for high definition acquisition.

The Alliance Atlantis “Acceptable Camera List” gives the two Sony XDCAM HD cameras conditional approval in “Category one.” This means that individual productions must request and be granted permission to use the PDW-F350 or the PDW-F330.

Cameras must have a broadcast grade HD lens and current firmware. Video must be shot at 35 Mbps VBR, the highest resolution.

Discovery Channel also OKs XDCAM HD 

XDCAM HD was approved by the Discovery Channel over half a year ago, also with the condition that it be shot at 35 Mbps.

Sony HD Cam 1080i / 59.94, Stereo audio on channels 1 & 2, Dolby 5.1 mix (when available) expressed as Dolby E on channels 3 & 4.

Where facilities exist, the HD master must be accompanied by a closed captioned Betacam SX standard definition down converted dub. This standard definition dub shall contain a 16:9 letterboxed image obtained from the HD master. The program content shall be exactly the same on both versions of the master and the times codes shall match exactly.

Audio shall also match for any Lt/Rt or Lo/Ro content but no Dolby E is necessary. Closed captioning shall be on line 21. Discovery HD requires programs to be mastered in the 1080i 59.54 signal standard. Programs may be acquired in the 720P 59.94 signal standard and mastered in 1080i 59.94 for delivery only with prior approval. Programs may be acquired and delivered in 1080 psf 23.98 or 25, or 1080i 50 only with prior permission from Discovery HD.