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Affinity Productions and Atomic Audio introduce several new additions

Avid Symphony Nitris

Affinity’s new flagship system for finishing and mastering is the Avid Symphony Nitris, the first available to our industry in the National Capital Region. The Nitris offers real-time HD processing, powerful Symphony-class primary and secondary colour correction tools, advanced motion tracking and film support. It also supports all industry-standard SD and HD resolutions, frame rates and codecs, including uncompressed, DNxHD, DVCPROHD and more. The Symphony Nitris provides seamless migration from Affinity’s four Media Composer Adrenaline and six Xpress Pro systems for maximum collaboration and flexible offline-to-online workflows.

Dolby E Multichannel Encoding/Decoding and Loudness Measurement

Affinity and Atomic are also pleased to introduce the region’s first end-to-end services solution for Dolby E multichannel audio production and mastering. Clients can expect fully integrated hardware and software tools for the creation and delivery of multichannel audio in both standard-definition and high-definition digital mastering formats. Final mixes from Atomic’s ProTools workstations can be encoded as Dolby E and routed directly to Affinity’s mastering decks in HDCAM, DVCPRO HD_EX, Digital Betacam and DVCPRO 50 formats.

The Dolby E standard delivers up to eight channels of high-quality audio (20 bits at 48 kHz) over a single two-channel AES bitstream, providing flexible support for multiple mixes and languages. Configurations can include 5.1 surround plus a stereo or matrix surround mix, four stereo programs or eight mono programs. Dolby E also provides metadata for downstream configuration of viewer’s Dolby Digital decoders.

Key components of the system include the Dolby E DP571 Encoder and DP572 Decoder, and the Dolby LM100 Broadcast Loudness Meter, which provide sophisticated objective measurements of perceived loudness of dialogue. This method of loudness measurement and adherence to its norms is now a mandatory requirement for program delivery to increasing numbers of broadcasters. 

With this collaboration, Affinity and Atomic have brought together all the necessary ingredients for professional multi-channel audio production under one roof, enabling an unmatched combination of convenience, efficiency, and quality control. This initiative now joins our other recent Avid and ProTools upgrades and Affinity’s acquisition of new two new Sony HDW-F900R HDCAM and three new Panasonic AJ-HDX900P DVCPRO HD-EX cameras, HD VTRs and HD-SDI scopes and monitors.

A large variety of new HD field production accessories have also been added including Canon lenses, and Panasonic HD LCD monitors. We also offer Sony RM-B750 remote control units suitable for use with HDW-F900’s and F900R’s. These cameras are an addition to our extensive inventory of Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, DVCAM, HDV and DV cameras.

Affinity is proud to provide the National Capital Region with the newest and largest high-quality and rigorously-maintained inventory of locally owned cameras, camera accessories, lighting, grip, dolly and electrical equipment. 

These additions reinforce our ongoing commitment to provide world-class tools and services for our clients and to help them move forward with confidence in the ever-changing broadcast and production industries.