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How valuable is the work we do?

There was an especially interesting article in the “Advertising Age” of July 9,2007, by Lenore Skenazy – What was relevant was the issue of dispensability of talent(really about those who have and are passing the ‘current’ capacity to continue to be considered in the employable or relevant category in our industry).

…it is about a book of photographs of vintage advertising materials, signage and products – items that were used some many years ago pictured in a book produced by a young man (17) for sale at $40.00US

This is an especially relevant Day- I think we’ve found the artesian well.. All of those pictures taken by that young boy, will only win prizes, but to the ‘wake-up-and-smell-the-paint-crowd’ truth be told, that to stay in the game and outwit our young friend, we need to rush from our lofty views – high up in our ‘net-savvy’ partition-less advertising offices, fancy though they are – grab a $40.00 copy of that pretty little book (this is the part where the kid wins big!!) and then run to the nearest locations of any and all of the images, unique to the pictures taken, grab the objects where possible and sell the lot through Christies – ‘Objects, Rare Finds, Vintage Hand-Painted ‘first editions’ ‘Signs in Original Condition "Authentic Waitress Aprons’.

This could be the salvage savings of the very cast of characters who this book is not for, but the same artists who worked on many of the items in the book, now providing clues to the much needed lucrative bonus in this years pay packet.

God Bless the young lad who is leading the lost generation of AdPeople, to the one last, "Door Crashing Special" as we have taught the announcers on TV and Radio and in Print to say – "run, don’t walk to your nearest tenement", "tear down the wall and ravage the old billboard in that dark alleyway", "sneak into the laundramat (Automat) anymat and leave with napkins, matches, tissue dispensers, stools, diner booths and for the hot guys with pickups, bring a lunch and help yourself to the pie platters and what about the fixtures, now that will take some work, ‘Men’ and ‘Women’ tin signs on the ‘lavatories’ might as well get that while your there and if you’re really looking for ‘Lucky Strike’ snatch some ‘ashtrays’, you’ll be rich.

So hide the old fax machine at work tomorrow, they’re a fast growing asset and long term investment ‘hold’ and gather all your employee friends’ first cell phones, imagine what a hoard of those babies will be worth, anyone remember the Tandy ‘FlipTop Computers’ two of those would be worth a fortune..?


Buy the transparent three color plastic TV filters that turned Black and White into weird color Television. Anything with Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, I Love Lucy, Dick Van Dyke..is a treasure trove..

Now, all you need is a warehouse, your pension is just enough to pay for the three months it will take to off-load all of this and recoup your investment – who said that kid was so smart, this is as good as the Tony Robbins tapes (I’d pick those up and put them in your Safety Deposit Box at the Bank, that will be big..)

"Change is the history of commerce."

All this opportunity is the result of the genius of the 17 year old

author who wrote "The Writing on The Wall"…

a rather fortuitous title I might add and given new hope to the sediment seeded aged Adulants..

Lenore, what a Great Story..

I hear that they’re already lining up for the
"Garage Sale at Barneys Tomorrow.."
(Selling Quality Merchandise since 1923..)

A Non @MoSS