Aug 20, 2014

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Saturday Night Live Announcer Don Pardo Dies At 96

Don Pardo, the Saturday Night Live announcer whose effusive baritone ushered in the show’s weekly episodes since 1975 — either live or as a prerecording — died on Monday evening at the age of 96.

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Tax credits help B.C. pinch film projects from Seattle

Give us your Microsoft, Seattle, your Starbucks and, while you’re at it, your film industry. Seattle’s pain is Vancouver’s gain when it comes to the film industry, thanks to B.C.’s tax credits, according to folks in the business. Take the new series Intruders, for example. The eight-episode TV series is set entirely in Seattle, yet except for a few establishing shots, the whole thing was filmed in Vancouver. BBC America, the producer, said the reason was simple: Economics. While B.C. spends about $285 million a year on tax credits for the industry, Washington state caps out at $3.5 million, which was used up by May.

What California’s $400 Million Film and TV Tax Incentive Would Buy: Job Preservation

Before a California state Senate committee unanimously approved a bill to quadruple financial incentives to $400 million to retain and attract TV and movie productions, amendments were inserted aimed at insuring the money goes to save jobs that would otherwise be lost. The bill now also includes stiff penalties to punish applicants who overestimate the number of jobs being created and even to “claw back” money if it is later discovered there were discrepancies in claims made by recipients.

Toronto Raptors back on national TV in the U.S.

The Toronto Raptors will be back on national television in the United States when the 2014-15 NBA season tips off this fall. The league schedule, which was released Wednesday, features four Raptors games to be televised on TNT or ESPN, and five others televised on NBA TV. Toronto will start its 20th season in the NBA with a home game at Air Canada Centre on Oct. 29 versus the Atlanta Hawks. It’s the fifth time in the past six seasons and the 14th time in team history that the club has started the regular season at home.

Robin Williams leaves behind four films to be released

There didn’t seem to be too much that Robin Williams couldn’t do. As an actor, he had the range to go from playing a loveable alien on the small screen in “Mork & Mindy” to winning an Academy Award for his portrayal of Professor Sean Maguire in “Good Will Hunting.” Whether it was spastic slapstick or heart-rending drama, the actor, who died on Monday from an apparent suicide, was as prolific in his career as he was hilarious. Evidence of that work ethic won’t end with his death.

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