Oct 31, 2014

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Rogers partnering with Vice to create multimedia studio in Toronto

Rogers and Vice are partnering to create a multimedia production studio in Toronto.

Dubbed the Vice Canada Studio, the focus will be on creating Canadian content across mobile and broadcast platforms.

“We wanted to build a powerhouse for Canadian digital content focused on 18- to 34-year-olds,” said Guy Laurence, president and CEO of Rogers in a release. [...]

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Lost Orson Welles Film Could Be Released Next Year

Orson Welles’ final film, which has remained unfinished for decades, could hit theaters in time for the 100th anniversary of the filmmaker’s birth next May. Royal Road Entertainment has secured the rights to The Other Side of the Wind, The New York Times is reporting. The Los Angeles-based production company plans on bringing it to the American Film Market next month to promote distribution for the film.

FCC Chairman Wants to Redefine Internet Video to Compete with Cable, Satellite Services

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said on Tuesday that he is proposing that the definition of a multichannel programming provider be extended to the fast-expanding market for Internet video, a move he said would boost competition with cable and satellite services. Wheeler’s proposal, which he is circulating to other FCC commissioners, calls for adopting a “technology neutral” definition of multichannel video programming distributor. If such “over-the-top” Internet video services are given such a definition, they would fall under federal regulations that govern multichannel distributors like cable and satellite distributors. Such a move would give services that run multiple channels over the Internet access to cable channels, and the ability to negotiate with broadcasters to carry TV stations.

Q will go on, guest host says after Jian Ghomeshi fired by CBC

One day after Jian Ghomeshi, the popular host of the cultural affairs radio program Q, was dismissed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. as allegations surfaced about his sexual behaviour, the show’s guest host said the program must go on and urged listeners to keep tuning in. From Mr. Ghomeshi’s former chair, substitute host Brent Bambury began Monday’s program first with a large sigh, then with an address to those listening. Fans of the show flooded social media on Sunday with expressions of shock, disappointment and confusion at his firing.

The ratings system that could change the TV industry forever

A new partnership by Nielsen and Adobe, the San Jose software company, intends to fix some of the old system’s limitations without abandoning it altogether. A new system will allow the measuring of audiences across every device with an IP address, dramatically expanding the number of platforms Nielsen’s ratings incorporate and giving the company far more detailed viewing information than the old way would. The system, which combines Nielsen’s digital audience measurement tools with Adobe’s ADBE 1.35% Analytics and Primetime products, will cover all kinds of content online, not just video.

Canadian TIFF Films funded by OMDC

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