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Sim Video invests in RED ONE

Late this August, RED Digital Cinema Camera Company officially delivered the first 25 RED ONE cameras on order. After much delay, recipients were able to join the privileged ranks of industry professionals like Academy Award Winning Directors, Peter Jackson (<em>Lord of the Rings</em>) and Steven Soderberg (<em>Traffic</em> and <em>Oceans Eleven</em>) who have had their REDs for months. The camera recipients have since been rigorously testing the cameras and comparing this new imaging tool to other HD and film acquisition cameras and are eagerly posting their findings on forums like <a href="http://www.reduser.net">reduser.net</a>.

Sim Video, recognized as a leading video equipment rental facility, has closely followed the progress of the RED ONE camera since it was first announced in 2005 and anticipated the release of the new 4K capable camera. With more producers calling in weekly, Sim saw quickly that they would need a larger arsenal of REDs to meet the expected demand that will follow its full scale release. With 25 REDs already on order Sim Video bumped their purchase order to 50, making it one of the largest orders placed by any rental house in the world.

“We have always embraced new formats and technology,” said Rob Sim, President of Sim Video. “Like any of the products we’ve added to our inventory, the RED ONE will undergo a significant amount of testing before we release it to our clients. We have been in close contact with one of first camera recipients and while it seems the RED is proving itself to be a quality camera, we recognize that this product is still in its infancy – we do however look forward to having our engineering department evaluate the camera first-hand.”

Sim Video is scheduled to receive their first delivery of RED ONE cameras and accessories by October 2007.