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ACTRA disappointed with Artists Act

For Immediate Release: ACTRA Toronto President Karl Pruner expressed ACTRA’s deep disappointment in the Status of Ontario’s Artists Act, passed yesterday as part of the budget package. Responding to statements by Minister of Culture Caroline Di Cocco, Pruner said,

“The government of Ontario failed artists with this Bill. This Act does nothing to alleviate the difficult financial and working conditions of artists.”

Artists are among the most underpaid workers in our economy and they are without many of the protections and benefits that other workers rely on. In the 2003 election, this government promised to bring in Status of the Artist legislation to address these concerns.

“The government had an opportunity to make a difference to the lives of artists and they blew it. I am astounded that the Minister of Culture is trumpeting this as an achievement. The Act ignores the recommendations of her own sub-committee and it fails to provide any real support for artists. It is nothing more than window dressing,” said Pruner.