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Canadian shows scoop awards at Banff festival

Toronto — Say it loud and proud, Canada: Our track record of unique TV programming still ranks among the best in the world.

A diverse group of Canadian programs were among the grand-prize-winners named at the 29th Annual Banff World Television Awards. Held on Monday in Banff, Alta., the annual TV gathering recognizes outstanding achievement in television and, as in years past, Canadian shows played a strong presence at the proceedings. In the category of Children’s Programs, the Banff award was presented to the special How the Gimquat Found Her Song, which ran last season on TVO.

In technical categories, the first-place position in the field of interactive program enhancements went to the Canadian animated series Odd Job Jack, which has aired on the Comedy Network since 2003.

Elsewhere, the Banff TV award for Best Canadian Program was split between two offbeat entries: the documentary Ghosts of the Yangtze (Up the Yangtze) – a Canadian co-production with Chinese and U.S. television – and The Real Superhumans and the Quest for the Future Fantastic, which aired last season on the Discovery Channel.

Source: Globe and Mail