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BITE Television wins Intl. Emmy

TORONTO, April 19 – Canada’s own BITE Television took home a coveted Emmy® award in the Interactive Channel category presented by The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in Cannes, France. This is the first year that the Interactive Channel Emmy has been awarded to a Canadian company. BITE Television beat out the UK’s Movie Networks Now and WIN TV. The black-tie ceremony was attended by more than 250 international executives from the television, broadband and mobile industries.

"The Emmy award is an enormous honour. It establishes BITE as an international leader in the field of interactive television. This is certainly an extraordinary achievement for such a young Canadian company," says President and CEO Jeffrey Elliott. 

After only two years on the air, BITE Television has established itself as a visionary in the realm of the multi-platform entertainment universe. The conception of BITE was not simply a response to the massive swing in media, technology and broadcasting – it has led innovations in new media offering up a fusion of web, TV and mobile into a seamless entertainment engine. The Emmy award marks a stellar year for the company which recently announced a distribution deal with JOOST and finalized an agreement with Amp’d Mobile.

"BITE was built with an understanding of its demographic, providing interactivity and content delivery across platforms, and most importantly, exceptional entertainment to the 18-34 technology savvy male," say Elliott. 

Sexy, edgy and irreverent, BITE’s content is a blend of user-generated, acquired and in-house production. Serving up a fast-paced package in its own unique way, more than 2,500 programming elements are distributed via a hybrid of media outlets.