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Gene Simmons about marriage, love and hit show

Some quotes from Gene Simmons about marriage, love and his hit A and E show, "Gene Simmons Family Jewels":

_ "If you want money, tell me before, not after. At least a prostitute will ask you before how much it is, what it is, $75, and then if you agree, it’s a deal. Potential wives, most women will tell you nothing until after you get divorced. That’s when you get the bill for half."

_ "Both Shannon and I share the same philosophy that life’s too short to torture each other, and if you don’t like it, get out. The door’s wide open."

_ "The biggest cause of divorce is marriage. Even though we’ve been happily unmarried for 23 years, we’ve never been divorced."

_ "Men and women, as far as I’m concerned, are never really clear. Full disclosure before the fact is a business term, but it means before you move in with someone, before you hop in bed, before anything, tell them everything."

_ "The big problem with relationships is that you’re going out with Dr. Jekyll and then you meet Mr. Hyde. The same people who love each other at the beginning of a relationship, hate each other in the end. And my real question is: if you loved each other enough to get married, when you get divorced why can’t you at least be friends?"

_ "If you don’t have friendship as the core of it, you got nothing."

_ "It should be very difficult to get married and it should be very easy to get divorced."

_ "No matter if you think it’s OK or not, everybody’s going to do what they want to do anyway, so you might as well just relax and wait to die. Because when you’re 90 years old, none of those issues will be issues, you’ll only just be glad you’re regular. When you see 90-year-old people, they never talk about jealousy, they’re just happy they can take a crap once a day."

_ "The very first thing I said when I met Shannon is: ‘I’m never going to marry you. Don’t even dream about it. It will never happen, despite the fact that I am attracted to you, I love you, I care about you, I want to try to take care of you. At any point, when I change my mind, I reserve the right to walk out, without notice. You don’t own me. If my mother who gave me life itself doesn’t own me, no other human being in the world has that right. By the way, same rules: if at any time you want to walk out, walk. I’ll still care about you, I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you find another guy.’ "

_ "If your husband loves you enough not to go shopping with you, because you really enjoy it, why step in front of his TV set when he’s watching his favourite ball game, instead of going to the kitchen and making him a sandwich. Why? Why you do compete with the television set, or when he reads the newspaper in the morning, why do you slap it out of his hand?"

_ "The only celebration I ever have _ remember, it’s about me _ is Another Day Above Ground Day."

_ "I admit, that almost without exception, rock stars are morons. If it wasn’t for the grace of God, they’d be asking the next person in line: ‘Would you like some fries with that?’ "

_ "You’ve got to have fun. Live life your way. If nobody else gets it, who cares?"

_ "When I met Shannon, my jaw dropped. The thing that was even more enticing and seductive was her personality. She never asked me anything. To this day, I call her _ she doesn’t chat like the rest of you women. Stop it, stop talking so much."

_ "You Canadians have Canadian self-esteem issues. Your problem is why can’t Canada be as cool as America. Time to get over it. Your air’s cleaner, your women are prettier, get over it. You can hear a Canadian in any movie theatre _ the movie comes on and you hear ‘Hey, did you know they’re Canadian?’ And it’s like oh please, it’s so embarrassing. Canada must just be hiding its face. Buy some cool. Buy some of it."

_ ". . . I can’t get married, because I can’t finish sentences, women will not let me. Even when we’re dead, you’ll just stand over our graves and talk. Even though we’re just worm food. I mean I will yell, six feet under: ‘Shut up, I’m dead!’