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Doc. "Lost Innocents: The Children of War" on OMNI.2

Rogers OMNI Television is proud to present the world premiere broadcast of Lost Innocents: The Children of War as part of the OMNI Television Signature Series. The 60 minute documentary launches to English speaking viewers on OMNI.2, Saturday, September 30th at 7PM ET.

The latest collaborative production between Eliza Haddad, Producer, and Ed Sinclair, Writer/Director, Lost Innocents: The Children of War saw them journey to Canada, Great Britain and Kuwait to document Haddad’s personal quest to learn what is being done to aid the countless young victims of the war in Iraq.

For Haddad, also a survivor of war, Lost Innocents: The Children of War tells a story that is close to her heart. She grew up during the war in Lebanon in the 1970s; lost her grandfather and several family members during the conflict, and wanted to tell the world about the plight of children in a war-zone – especially the experience of Ali and Ahmed, both of whom suffered unimaginable losses shortly after the US invaded Iraq in 2003. A stray missile cost Ali his parents, 22 family members and both of his arms. Best friend Ahmed lost his sister in a cluster-bomb attack that left him with only one hand and leg.

“I am proud to know these two remarkably resilient children whose strength of spirit belies their tender age, yet whose life-or-death struggle is sadly all too common,” says Eliza Haddad. “My intent with Lost Innocents: The Children of War was to go beyond what we see in news reports and show the human cost of war through the eyes of its most innocent victims. Thanks to support from OMNI’s Independent Producers’ Initiative this poignant story can be now told and these children will be more just statistics.”

At the time of filming, Iraq’s latest of three wars in 20 years had ended but had taken its toll. According to UNICEF, even before the conflict of 2003 many Iraqi children were so vulnerable to disease and malnutrition that one in eight would never reach their fifth birthday. The country’s humanitarian situation remains unsettled. 

“We applaud Eliza and her team for their inspiring portrait of inner strength in the face of terrible tragedy,” says Malcolm Dunlop, Vice President of Programming and Marketing for Rogers Media Television. “This project humanizes the very real consequences of war and moves us to take stock of what we might otherwise take for granted.”