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Toronto filmmakers premiere documentary dissection of Michael Moore

Toronto filmmakers Debbie Melnyk and Rick Caine, fans of Moore’s films, spent two years following the reigning king of documentaries intending to take a candid look at Moore’s movie-making tactics, but they also found skeletons in his closet.

<em>Manufacturing Dissent</em>, a documentary separating fact, fiction and legend, tracks Michael Moore on tour during the release of his explosive <em>Fahrenheit 9/11</em>, while chronicling Moore’s transition from filmmaker to icon of the political left. 

Mirroring Moore’s own attempts to get an interview with GM’s CEO Roger Smith in 1989’s <em>Roger & Me</em>, Melnyk and Caine endeavor to interview the man who made docs sexy, but are repeatedly thwarted by security refusing to let them plug into soundboards, publicists removing them from functions and Moore’s sister swatting at their camera. According to Melnyk, "Sometimes it’s not the interview that is important, but the journey to get the interview."

In addition to archival footage of Moore, <em>Manufacturing Dissent</em> features interviews with Jesse Larner, author of <em>Forgive Us Our Spins: Michael Moore and the Future of the Left</em>; Ralph Nader, 2004 presidential candidate; and former friend, Jim Musselman.

Following its North American theatrical release earlier this year, Bravo! premieres the 75-minute television version of the film on November 2 at 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT. Produced by POV Productions in association with Bravo!, <em>Manufacturing Dissent</em> uncovers Michael Moore and poses the question: do the ends justify the means?

Joe Leydon of Variety describes the film as "an intelligent, provocative and, arguably, even necessary examination of the phenomenon of Michael Moore – the man, his movies and his methods – <em>Manufacturing Dissent</em> is not an assault by right-wing ideologues but a dissection by two self-described
‘progressive liberals,’ and has all the more impact for it."

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