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TIFF Closing Night Gala "Emotional Arithmetic"

Toronto, Following a highly successful Canadian press conference on Tuesday, the 32nd Toronto International Film Festival announces Paolo Barzman’s EMOTIONAL ARITHMETIC as a Closing Night Gala Presentation. Based on Matt Cohen’s eponymous novel and adapted for the screen by Jefferson Lewis and Barzman, EMOTIONAL ARITHMETIC is a story of redemption, healing and reconciliation ignited by the reunion of three Holocaust survivors. 

The film stars Susan Sarandon, Christopher Plummer, Gabriel Byrne, Roy Dupuis, and Max von Sydow. Ticket Passes and Packages now on sale. Gala tickets on sale August 25. 

"We’re absolutely delighted to have EMOTIONAL ARITHMETIC close this year’s Festival," said Noah Cowan, Festival Co-Director. "We are proud that the Festival now opens and closes with vibrant and high profile Canadian films. The inclusion of this powerful film reflects the robust nature of our industry."

Set in 1985, EMOTIONAL ARITHMETIC tells the story of three friends who reunite 40 years after the end of the Second World War. Having formed a lifelong bond in the internment camp in Drancy, France they come together for a celebratory dinner that reveals how their memories of the past still unsettle their present day lives.

As children, Melanie and Christopher were protected by Jakob, a political dissident in the camp who they believed had been sent to his death in Auschwitz. As adults they learned that Jakob survived the camp to become a successful poet. Melanie (Sarandon) returned to North America and now tries to live a quiet life with her husband, David (Plummer) and son Benjamin (Dupuis). Instead she balances a precarious emotional state with her sharp wit, while battling bouts of depression. When she discovers that Jakob (von Sydow) is alive, she invites him to Canada to live with her family.

Unbeknownst to her, Christopher (Byrne) meets Jakob along the way and decides to travel with him. Suppressing his undeclared love for Melanie, Christopher arrives at her doorstep at Jakob’s side, and the pair unravel Melanie’s remaining threads of control. As the evening’s celebratory dinner approaches, memories reshape themselves, feelings emerge and collide and the past and present intertwine in enigmatic and explosive equations.

Directed by Paolo Barzman, EMOTIONAL ARITHMETIC is produced by Suzanne Girard of BBR Productions and Anna Stratton of Triptych Media. The film will be distributed by Seville Pictures Inc. in Canada.