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Starz Media buy Canadian operations

TORONTO (CP) _ Starz Media has finalized the purchase of Canadian operations in a move that the U.S. company says will bring more production into this country.

As part of the deal, Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada and an animation studio in Toronto will become part of the new Starz formation. The purchase follows Starz’s move to become a fully integrated media company, which began in late August when Starz LLC was formed from the combination of IDT Entertainment and Starz Entertainment Group.

"The alliance between Anchor Bay and Starz Entertainment gives both companies a stronger position to acquire product and distribute that product across all platforms," Starz Media chairman and CEO Robert Clasen said in a release.

"As well, our company will produce more animation and live action programming in Canada like the Masters of Horror and Masters of Science Fiction series currently in production,"

The Masters of Horror cable television series brings famous horror movie directors such as John Carpenter to create their own hour-long scary stories. The show airs in Canada on the Scream digital cable network. Clasen previously worked in Ottawa as vice president of U.S. operations for Rogers Communications.