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Ivan Reitman hoping to make ‘Trailer Park Boys’ movie a hit in the U.S.

TORONTO (CP) _ If legendary Canadian filmmaker Ivan Reitman has his way, the Trailer Park Boys _ Ricky, Julian and Bubbles _ will soon achieve the level of stardom in the United States that they enjoy here at home.

Reitman is close to inking a final deal with an unnamed American company to distribute "Trailer Park Boys: The Movie" to a U.S. audience, he said Wednesday on the line from Los Angeles.

"I literally have not closed it, we have not signed the contract, but a deal is being made and it should be announced in the next few weeks," said Reitman, who served as executive producer of last year’s Canadian box office hit.

Reitman pointed out that the humour of the movie, which follows the hard-partying Maritime thieves in their uproariously unsuccessful efforts to steal a mass quantity of change, is not exclusively Canadian.

"We’ve screened in America a number of times, including the South by Southwest festival and it was huge there; they loved it," he said. "The reception was actually better than at the Toronto screenings I attended because it was more surprising."

It was during the festival in Austin, Texas, in March, in fact, that distributors sat up and took notice of the film, referred to as a "cinematic masterpiece" by the Orange County Weekly reviewer who watched it (www.ocweekly.com).

Reitman, who’s heading to his hometown of Toronto in two weeks to be lauded for his induction into Canada’s Walk of Fame, is certainly used to those kinds of accolades. The 60-year-old _ "a very young 60," he’s quick to point out _ made his name as the man behind comedy classics including "National Lampoon’s Animal House," "Ghostbusters" and "Stripes."

His most recent success is the teen thriller and box office smash hit "Disturbia," starring Shia LaBeouf. Reitman produced the film. Reitman spends a lot of time in Canada, travelling here every six weeks or so, and will soon have an apartment in Toronto at the new Toronto International Film Festival complex, currently under construction in the city’s downtown core. But he’s particularly happy to be coming in June to be feted after being formally inducted into the Canadian Walk of Fame a few years ago.

"There’s something very warm and inviting and friendly about coming back," he says. "I got married in Montreal, I grew up in Toronto. They are beautiful cities with an enormous amount to offer, and two very distinctive cities in a very distinctive country."

Reitman still has lots of friends and family in Canada, many of whom he’ll see when he visits in a couple of weeks _ including his son, Jason, the subject of rave reviews himself last year for his film "Thank You for Smoking." Jason Reitman, who was born in Montreal, is currently working on his next movie, "Juno," in Vancouver.

"Now he’s giving me tips," Reitman said with a laugh, remembering how he used to give his son suggestions on filmmaking _ but the tables turned when the elder Reitman was making last year’s "My Super Ex-Girlfriend," starring Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson.

"I remember the day I brought him into the editing room, and he felt so great, and I felt so great, because he was doing to me what I had been doing to him all these years. It was a very interesting kind of shift in generation."

Reitman says he’s got a number of projects he’s working on _ but one of them isn’t, for now, a sequel to the "Trailer Park Boys" movie.

"It doesn’t make any sense unless we can make this work outside of Canada," he said. "There might be a sequel for only Canadian consumption, but I’m hoping there could be a sequel for worldwide consumption."

"I have hopes, but the issue is it’s very hard to break through right now in the American theatrical marketplace because it’s so expensive and they’re not going to spend that kind of money. It’s a small distributor, so we’ll see. I’m keeping my fingers crossed."

Montecito Raises $200 Million for 10 Picture Film Slate for DreamWorks

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 14 /PRNewswire/ — A $200 million production facility has been raised to co-finance motion pictures produced by The Montecito Picture Company. The transaction was announced by Montecito principals Tom Pollock and Ivan Reitman.

The new financing vehicle, to be called Cold Spring Picture LLC, will co-finance ten motion pictures over the next five years. Cold Spring will have a first look agreement with DreamWorks Studios, coinciding with Montecito’s new five year first look agreement with DreamWorks, a relationship which has resulted in a number of successful comedies including ROAD TRIP (2000) and OLD SCHOOL (2003). The first of the ten Cold Spring pictures, DISTURBIA, starring Shia LaBeouf, David Morse, Carrie-Anne Moss and Sarah Roemer, directed by DJ Caruso, has already completed principal photography, and will be released by DreamWorks through Paramount Pictures in 2007.

The $200 million capitalization is a combination of equity provided by Merrill Lynch and a consortium of hedge funds, together with bank debt, provided by a team of banks led by Merrill Lynch and Societe General.

Pollock and Reitman pointed out that while the agreement gives DreamWorks a first look on all Montecito and Cold Spring pictures they are free to accept projects from other major studios and to set up pictures that DreamWorks declines to co-finance.

"It is my hope to continue to create wonderful movies that will launch the film careers of a new generation of comedy talent," said Reitman.

"I’m proud of the confidence shown us by Merrill Lynch and our equity partners, as well as by Societe General," added Tom Pollock. "We are all very excited to be continuing our extremely productive six year relationship with DreamWorks."

Mike Blum, Managing Director and Head of Global Structured Finance & Investments, at Merrill Lynch, added "This deal is groundbreaking. We believe this is a unique investment opportunity to capitalize on the skills and experience of two of the most successful producers in Hollywood. The combination of 30 years of Ivan’s directing and producing, and Tom’s extensive background as an entertainment attorney, Chairman of Universal Pictures, and a Producer at Montecito are the ideal combination."

DreamWorks Co-Chairman and CEO, Stacey Snider said, "We are equally pleased about our continuing relationship with Montecito. We’ve loved working with Ivan, Tom, and all of us at DreamWorks look forward to working with their company to develop and produce films for a worldwide audience."

Deal was negotiated by Loeb & Loeb and Ziffren Brittenham with DreamWorks on behalf of Montecito and Cold Spring Pictures. The financing and banking arrangement by Sidley and Austin on behalf of Merrill Lynch and by Shepherd Mullin on behalf of Societe General and by Loeb & Loeb on behalf of Montecito and Cold Spring Pictures. The Spartan Group acted as Financial Advisor.